User-Generated Content Resonates with Employees

User-Generated Content Resonates with Employees

Whether inside or outside the corporate world, team managers often hesitate to invest time and energy in user-generated content. Often, no better solution can engage and encourage your employees. When assembling training or learning content, user-generated content offers many benefits leaders won’t find anywhere else.


To start, your team will often find user-generated content much more user-friendly. That’s to say, the barrier of entry for content pieces feels much lower when it comes from Evan across the hall instead of the HR director for your entire company. TrainingJournal writes, “Not only is UGC easier to trust and understand, but it also gives people a chance to learn directly from others’ shared experiences.”

Sourcing your training from the people who’ve experienced it recently can greatly ease the fears of anyone doing it currently. With online learning software like Lessonly, your employees can build content-rich lessons that explain every step of a particular process through their eyes. When a new Learner experiences it, they’ll be that much more prepared.

Improve employee morale

In almost every company, you’ll find an organization chart. The corporate world notoriously divides employees from management, but user-generated content can bridge that gap. CommLab India takes note of this:

Most importantly, employees are thrilled to share their ideas and views to a larger group. In the process, they also get recognition from senior management if their ideas and experiences are noteworthy. It is a huge morale booster for the employees – they are likely to appreciate the fact that someone out there takes them seriously, acknowledges their efforts, values their contribution, and shares it with the larger community.

The simple act of trusting employees and their knowledge enough to build content around it can provide them with a huge morale boost. That’s not to say this content has to go unedited once your employees create it—you should edit lessons for clarity and correctness more often than not—but if your employees are doing their jobs, they’ll likely know what they’re talking about.

A proven method

In addition to Lessonly’s clients, CommLab India put user-generated content to the test. With a plan that included a month-long test, nine teams, 135 employees, and time for employees to create and review content, the results were impressive. After using the user-generated training content, CommLab reported that 100% of their employees scored above 60% in their job knowledge.

You’ll find many other anecdotes like this. In addition to creating lessons efficiently, you can easily assign and grade them with Lessonly software. Managers can actually measure the effectiveness of user-generated content.

If you’re interested in leveraging Lessonly to build user-generated content, consider our free tour. See it today.

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