Why Should You Use Performance Review Phrases

“Performance reviews phrases? Why not just tell my employees exactly what I’m thinking without sugarcoating anything? I’m just going to go in there and tell my team what I think of each of them and then we’ll each go about our day and things will be better.” – Quote from a manager who is about to leave his team dejected and uninspired

By using performance review phrases, you can convey what you truly mean to say and give helpful, specific feedback with each performance appraisal. I’ll break it down why you need to start using performance appraisal phrases:

Stay positive

When giving positive, complimentary feedback, it’s easy to be positive and praise your employees. But, when you have to give constructive feedback it can be easy to be direct and come across as insulting rather than helpful.

Using employee appraisal comments instead of being absolutely direct and blunt can leave an employee with something they can strive toward rather than a force pressing against them. Instead of hindering your employees, you are holding them to a higher standard that you know together you can reach.

Say what you need to say

Words can get misconstrued. With evaluation phrases, you can say what you mean the first time and keep your employees smiling when they walk out of the door. You want your employees to grow, and they likely want the same thing. A stagnant role is dull and great team members are always looking to improve their current output.

By giving constructive feedback, you and your employees stay on the same page. To be a successful team, you have to communicate. Coach K would refuse to play members of the Duke basketball team until they learned to talk to their teammates while on the floor. I know, I hate Duke too #GoDawgs. But, the guy knows basketball and teamwork. Take his advice and apply it to your performance reviews, it could be the closest we will be to NBA players. When you communicate effectively with your employees, you can be collectively better and start winning championships.

Visualize and attack

Don’t actually attack. You should be able to see yourself saying every phrase you intend to use. If you say things that just sound fake, your employees will leave thinking you didn’t take the time to think of sincere, personal comments for each of them, but instead chose from a list.

Practice in the mirror and see if you can really hear yourself saying something like you have written down. This would be easier if you lived by a canyon or a large cave where you literally could hear yourself saying it because of the echo.

After your feedback, start teaching your employees here.

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