Untapped Training Resources – Real Life Scenarios

Your company exists; therefore, it has a history; therefore, it has stories. These stories are perfect ammo for great lessons.

Start by telling a story where somebody in your company did something amazing or something terrible. A story could be as simple as copying an email conversation and wrapping questions around it, or filming a conversation and uploading it for review. No need to name names, or overcomplicate things.

Then, tell us the results of their actions. From there, you can ask your learners all sorts of questions:

  1. Have you ever been in this position?
  2. How could this have been handled better/worse?
  3. If you were in the room, what would you have done differently?
  4. Is there any way this could have been avoided?

Here’s the reality: stories are way more interesting than facts. You can tell me the steps for handling disputes with clients, or you can tell me a story about the way they’ve been handled in the past. Every day of the week, I am voting for the latter, and something tells me your learners are, too.

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