The Union of Marketing and Sales Enablement

Sales and marketing are no longer two separate clubs. The lunch tables are pushed together. The marketing treehouse removed the sign “No Sales allowed.” Their win and loss records are now the same.

The friction of the past must continue to fade; sales and marketing must work together if either wants to succeed. Through sales enablement, marketing and sales are now bound, in profits and in losses, in leads and in closures, until retirement, do they part.

The challenge of sales enablement

The rivalry between sales and marketing can be placed alongside Duke & UNC, Auburn & Alabama, and Ali & Frasier. Although no punches have been thrown, no trees have been poisoned, and very few NBA players have come out of either department, the tension had been there. Marketing accused sales of not following up on leads and sales accused marketing of not providing qualified leads.

Through sales enablement, marketing and sales can collaborate and cooperate to greatness. Communication between the two teams means more relevant content for every individual customer.

The funnel

The sales funnel of leads, prospects, customers is no longer clearcut. The lines have been blurred between sales and marketing in the funnel. Instead of marketing breaking up with clients as soon as the introduction to sales is made. Marketing needs to continue to nurture the relationship, hence the rise of the of conversion rate to evaluate marketing’s efforts rather than just lead numbers. Sales enablement content continues to support buyers throughout their decision.

By providing a convenient content location for customers, sales can ensure every customer of the expertise of the company to their personal industry.

The future

The sales enablement training software industry will continue to grow. As buyers continue to seek more value in every product, sales and marketing teams must provide valuable, relatable content and trustworthiness. Sales and marketing will get closer and will win or lose together. Blame will not be passed on, rather accountability will reign for both teams.

The best sales enablement processes will be standardized. Marketing will continue to create great content and sales will share the relevant content with buyers on the journey. Maybe, just maybe, they will take the boxing gloves off, find a bigger table that both sides can fit at, and they will add an expansion to the treehouse where weekly meetings can be held. Finally, both sides will say “I do.”

Get your sales and marketing team talking. Teach them how to work together here.

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