Trust Us, You Need an Employee Training Plan Template

You probably already trust us, but if you didn’t yet, hopefully just saying “Trust us,” changes your mind. An employee training plan template may seem intimidating at first, but you need one. If you have any desire to keep your training consistent, efficient, and easy, spend some time creating an employee training plan template.

It will pay off to organize your training material that may be currently scattered. Here is how to start preparing your employee training plan with the help of our template.


The first step to is to assemble your training material. You might have training materials scattered across filing cabinets, hard drives, flash drives, and paper airplanes. To have a successful training plan, you need to first gather every piece of training material your company is currently using. It may be easier to start with your team if you are doing specialized training. If you are in HR and consolidating every team’s training resources, recruit a member of each team to help you out. You might have recruited them once for their current job, recruiting them the second time should be easier.

Once you gather everything, upload it to the same folder on cloud storage or on your company server and share it with the rest of the team. Other people should know where all of this information is to allow for review so they can brush up without asking you every question they have.


So, you have all of your training material in the same area and in the same. Now is the time to plan how you want to schedule everything. This may take a few rounds of new hiring classes to perfect. Ask for feedback from your new employees and see if they would change anything about the training. It may make more sense to them to switch some day 3 activities with day 2 or move some first day activities to the second day.

After you think you are done, also plan for some fun activities for your new hires. You can’t just lock them away in the back room with their training material and expect them to emerge completely mentally stable. Break it up. Let them brag about their onboarding experience to their friends and share the great news of your training program.


Yes! You did it! Your training program is finally perfect. Now, just keep it up. No need to mess with perfection. Simply share the great news with the other managers and take a deep breath.

Of course, you may have to update it when you get a new system or different features in a few months, but don’t think about that yet. Sorry for bringing it up even.

Want to automate and keep your training interactive? I know a great place to start here.

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