How Trunk Club Powers Retail Staff Training with Lessonly

Ask any retail employee or stylist, and they’ll tell you the same thing: The fashion industry is constantly changing. So how should a company in the clothing industry deliver exceptional customer service, train their retail staff, and keep up with continuous change? Just ask Trunk Club.

Since 2009, Trunk Club has been disrupting the clothing industry, bringing the world’s greatest clothes straight to doorsteps. With ever-changing fashion trends, evolving customer needs, and busy associates, Trunk Club turned to Lessonly for training that powers change at scale.

“Trunk Club changes every day, by the minute. I love that with Lessonly, we’re able to update content as quickly as our business changes.”—Kathryn Pelino, Sales Training Manager

Not only has Lessonly made it easy for Trunk Club to quickly create and update content—it’s also allowed the team to provide retail staff training like never before.

Effectively transfer knowledge with streamlined training

“With Lessonly, we streamline communication, we make communication easier, and we make training easier.”—Brittany Jansen, Training and Development Specialist

Before Lessonly, Trunk Club ran training with a blend of in-person meetings, physical binders, and Google docs. To keep pace with change, the Trunk Club team needed a better way to communicate and train more than 750 reps and stylists. With Lessonly, Trunk Club associates get up to speed faster than ever. Streamlined training and communication with Lessonly ensures that every rep receives the same information, enabling consistent support across thousands of customers and stylists.

“Lessonly keeps us all on the same page. Lessonly isn’t just a learning resource for new changes, it’s a resource that, moving forward, you can always refer to. I have a whole library that I can access. If I come across a case where I do have to do something that I’m unfamiliar with, I know I can just refer to Lessonly. It’s all there.”—David Rodriguez, Service Associate

Engage employees with intuitive and interactive lessons

While conveying information is valuable, the interactive features of Lessonly are especially exciting for the Trunk Club team. As opposed to static, text-heavy and static training content, the Trunk Club team uses images, videos, flip cards, and more to create engaging and effective lessons. Trunk Club is also looking forward to using Lessonly’s newest features, Video Response, to help their team practice and improve their skills. The Trunk Club team appreciates Lessonly’s powerful simplicity, making it easy to create, edit, access, and complete lessons for the entire team. In turn, better and faster lessons lead to improved efficiency and employee confidence.

“Being able to find that answer on your own not only instills a better confidence but also allows all of our teams to be more efficient. If we’re able to keep that content engaging and interesting for them, they will, in turn, be happier in their jobs.”—Kathyrn Pelino, Sales Training Manager

Measure and improve training to elevate customer experiences

The Trunk Club team also benefits from the measurement and reporting functions within Lessonly. Teams can’t improve what they don’t measure, and training data contains valuable insights about gaps in employee knowledge. Currently, Trunk Club offers bi-weekly style quizzes to their team to gauge how well employees understand the material. The data they receive from Lessonly helps them monitor performance—from individuals employees to entire business units.

“We’re looking at everyone’s quality. So, we can see at any given time if a person isn’t performing as well let’s look through Lessonly to see if we need to update the lesson, the process, or re-engage that associate.”—Katie Bithos, Service Lead

Trunk Club is revolutionizing how consumers buy clothes, and we’re proud of our small role in helping them accomplish that mission. They have seen an immediate impact from Lessonly—reps get up to speed more efficiently and stylists receive the regular updates on products and processes they need to succeed in their jobs. And when they do better work, they live better lives.

“We’re serving up so much content and so many changes to our sales team. If we’re able to keep that content engaging and interesting for them, they will in turn be happier in their jobs. We want to help stylists feel confident in their day-to-day, which allows them to do the best work they can. Lessonly helps us do that.”—Kathryn Pelino, Sales Training Manager

Get started with Lessonly

With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into engaging training, empower their employees, accelerate high-performance, and measure the impact of better learning. Read more about how Trunk Club uses Lessonly here or take a tour to see how your team can do better work.  

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