Trendy Training or Real Skills? Training Sales Reps to Be Next Level

Google “sales training” and you’ll get a myriad of results, all fighting to grab your attention. A lot of sales training programs appear trendy and claim to have the latest strategies your sales team needs to be successful at what they do. These types of programs will teach your sales team how to sell to different generations, use artificial intelligence to increase sales, and develop an omnichannel experience to engage potential clients. Truthfully, though, to master these more modern techniques, your salespeople need to have a solid foundation. In order to operate at their full potential, top sales training programs with the best sales training courses focus their efforts on the right kind of training rather than trendy training.

So, what kinds of skills have stood the test of time when it comes to sales training curriculum? Let’s examine five different skills you can offer in online sales training programs that will take your team to the next level.

1. Research

Sales professionals need to know how to research the right way, so they aren’t spinning their wheels or grabbing at leads that turn out to be duds. Research skills aren’t inherent. Enablement experts should focus their efforts on showing reps how to research effectively in order to get the best prospects. Market research is important when it comes to learning more about buyer personas and the target audiences of your prospects. Great training gives salespeople insight into which products or services would be the best sell. 

2. Lead evaluation

Lead scoring is critical for any sales training framework. Why? Because a salesperson who knows how to evaluate their leads is a salesperson who knows how to plan their time effectively to get the most bang for their (and subsequently, your,) buck. A rep that focuses on the right leads at the right time will be successful in both the short and long term. 

3. Advanced prospecting

Sales is multi-faceted, and so is prospecting. Sales professionals tend to lean on prospecting methods they’re familiar with because many have not been trained on other approaches. These methods vary from social routes such as SMS, LinkedIn, Instagram, to other insider methods and paid lists. Personalizing emails and using enticement strategies to get the key person to open up an email are effective ways of prospecting (I should know—after receiving five emails from a company prospecting me, they finally got me to open one up by having “Free Starbucks On Us!” as the subject line). By spending time with each prospecting method, your salespeople will have a more complete set of tools in their toolbelts to get more customers! 


4. Sales Negotiation

World-class sales training never overlooks sales negotiation. Negotiation strategies should be constantly refined and practiced. Should you utilize hard selling or soft selling tactics? How much compromising should be involved? Negotiation takes soft skills like listening, non-verbal communication, and conflict resolution, and it’s an essential part of a deal cycle. Training your team how to negotiate well allows reps to deliver value to customers while still staying in line with your company’s pricing strategy. It’s your textbook win-win situation.

5. Leadership

Want to know the ultimate sales training secret? The one that will pay off in the long term for everyone involved? Maximize the existing leadership skill sets in your salespeople with leadership courses for sales professionals. By growing your own leaders, you ensure your company has a team that will work together, not against each other. Train your team to root for each other and show them how closing a deal can be way simpler when everyone’s strengths are fully leveraged. No salesperson is an island. Plus, as a bonus, leaders train other leaders. And another bonus: Buyers are more likely to meet and buy from sellers who lead and sell with courage and confidence. 


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