Remote Workers Need Better Enablement

Training Methods for Remote Team Members

Not too long ago, business travel took employees places far from headquarters. However, at the end of it all, you always came back to work. This makes training and onboarding easy with every member of a team in the same building, but how do you train remote employees? Traveling sales representatives and other far-flung team members can easily get left behind or forgotten in training, but these types of training methods are sure to keep every member of your team on the same page.

Employee Training Plan Template

A tried-and-still-true method of training exists in the employee training plan. Managers and administrators can sit down with their employees and lay out expectations for the upcoming 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and annual performance goals. As the year progresses, both sides keep track of these goals, but the level of engagement will determine how effective it will be. This problem gets even more prevalent when distance is added to the equation. However, with diligent tracking, these training plans can still be effective — meetings can happen over video conference instead of in-person.

With Lessonly, quarterly feedback from employees can be scheduled to be sent out automatically. This level of automation makes implementing and following through on a training plan template easier and more consistent without wildly changing training methodologies.

Online Learning Software

For those companies looking to incorporate technology into their employee training programs, an online learning software will work perfectly. These software programs, Lessonly is one, allow for content creation and assigning to people through their emails. No matter where your employees work remotely from, they can be assigned the same training and development materials as everyone else. Using Lessonly for employee training methods gives admins and managers the ability to track their employees’ training as it happens. Interactive quizzes and questions can be built into lessons and if anything needs graded, the administrators are immediately notified so nothing gets forgotten. Lessonly allows the training to get done seamlessly, so any conversations with your remote employees can be more about business and less about training completions.

We think Lessonly is a great fit for companies looking to train employees scattered around the globe, but why not give it a shot for yourself? Take a tour of our remote training softwaresign up today.

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