Train Up and Down and Move it All Around; Cross Training Works

Employees are brought in for a very specific job. They might be brought in to work in the marketing department, or perhaps they are going to join HR. No matter where they land, they are surely going to be trained in every little aspect of the particular department and how their job relates to the department. However, you need to also look at training the individuals in the other departments as well. Cross training, as it is known, is more than just showing someone the ropes in the company. It is about educating them so they understand how all of the different pieces come together. If a group of people are working on a puzzle and it is up to one individual to just work on a corner, they have no idea what the rest of the puzzle looks like or how it comes together, which can offer a warped view of the product. By learning and going over the entire item, it is possible to understand not only the bigger picture, but it makes it easier to help out the other departments as well.

A new point of view

When someone looks at the marketing department, they simply want to find a way to bring in potential clients to the company. That really is it. The problem with this is it needs to work well with the sales department. There are better ways to bring in new clients to sales and worse ways. Knowing what sales is looking for and how they interact with clients can prove especially helpful, and with this knowledge, adjusting the marketing accordingly not only can improve the conversion rate, but it makes life easier for everyone. The same really goes for around the board. The more sales knows about HR, or accounting to sales, it makes the company flow better and this new point of few sheds an entirely new understanding on the company and how everything works. That is why cross training is so valuable.

Spend a little, get a lot

The fact of the matter is it does cost more to use a cross-training approach, as it takes longer for someone to become completely educated in what is going on. Some might see this as detrimental and avoid doing it. However, it ultimately improves productivity, in the long run, which means while you spend a little extra on training, your company drastically reaps the rewards in the long term.

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