Top Performing Support Teams are Well Trained

The Top Performing Support Teams? They’re Well Trained.

Salesforce just released their 2017 State of Service research report, and it is packed full of insights about the customer support landscape. Businesses around the world are adapting to more informed and engaged customers by building better customer experiences and more intelligent support offerings. Additionally, Salesforce notes that empowering agents to be more proactive and productive in their roles continues to be a point of focus for winning businesses. Companies that invest in tools and time for well-equipped support teams are seeing real results from those departments.

An entire chapter of Salesforce’s report is dedicated to defining what it means for companies to “empower” their agents. Last year, according to Salesforce, high performing support teams were 3.4x more likely than under-performers to say their agents were completely empowered to make customers happy. This year, Salesforce delved into defining what it means to be “empowered,” and found that the right learning software can make all the difference:

Top service teams are empowered not only with the right technology and tools at their disposal—they’re set up for success with training. High performers are 4.1x more likely than under-performers to strongly agree their agents have the tools and technology to effectively and quickly utilize customer and product information to solve customer issues.

Support teams need to be prepared for customers’ increasing expectations for faster response times and faster resolution times. And, research shows, top performing customer support teams are better equipped to do their jobs because of their software tools, training, or a combination of both. For example, 88% of customer support agents at high performing companies agreed that they have “comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible views of customer and product information” as opposed to 48% of agents at underperformers. The more customer information that companies can provide to agents, the better.

However, the delivery of said information is just as important as the information itself. Every second support agents have to pause the customer interaction to find answers are precious moments when the customer isn’t being served. Salesforce found that, of the highest-performing support teams, 67% provide “real-time/just-in-time training to improve employee’s skills.” As we hurtle toward an even faster future, expect to see learning and knowledge sharing integrated into the software that agents use for customer interactions.

There is no skeleton key for solving every customer support issue, but making agents better at their job is a great place to start. Salesforce’s report shows that high performing support teams around the world use better software tools and employee training to create customer loyalty and drive returning business.

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