Customer Service Myth: The Customer is Always Right

We’ve all heard it before… “The customer is always right.” And we’ve all either dealt with customers who are wrong or been wrong as a customer, so we know that myth has been busted. Mo from Groove has an interesting twist on this classic attitude though. Read the clip below or watch our full conversation here.

What is a myth you’ve heard about providing great customer service that you disagree with?

The best is the most obvious and prevalent myth:

The customer is always right.

That’s not true and everyone knows it. The way I dismantle that myth is a little bit different than other customer service experts dismantle it.

I feel like customer service is a lot like teaching in a lot of ways. Maybe that’s because my mom was a teacher, so everything is teaching to me. So, sometimes students have wrong answers, at the end of the day though, everybody wants to be right. You should assume that everybody wants to be right and do the right thing or have the right information.

It’s your job, as a customer service representative, to educate them, lead them to the right direction, find them the right solutions, do the things that will make their – for us, I’m using an app, but obviously, if you’re using a product, if you’re getting a plague of physical, tangible product that is shipped to you, it’s a little bit different, but at the same time it’s your job to basically spell out the steps to maximum customer happiness.

When I say the customer is always right is a myth, you should also always assume the customer is right if there is a problem and treat it like that until proven otherwise, then do everything you can to make the customer right if they aren’t already.

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