Top 3 Ways to Improve Customer Training

Simply put, training your own employees is difficult enough, so where do you start when you want to train your customers? In many situations, such as selling software and several other complex products, you must train the customer for them to effectively use your product. If the customer isn’t trained, they will be much more likely to develop a negative image of your brand. The solution is to ensure the customer understands how to use your product through intuitive customer training.

1. Conduct in-person training

While tests may ensure test takers are taking notes and paying attention, hands-on training breathes life into the material and gives much-needed practice. As a result, providing in-person training is an effective way to guarantee your customer truly grasps the concept of your product. It’s also a great practice for your team, and one of the best ways how to improve customer service overall.

You can effectively act out scenarios with your customers or ask them to perform difficult tasks with the product under your instruction. When you do this type of in-person training, you will allow your customers to use and learn the features of your product, although it is often a very resource-heavy solution.

2. Host training sessions

When you host training sessions, you can effectively engage your clients in a classroom setting. Training sessions allow you to go through several of the product’s features and demonstrate the proper way to achieve the desired results. After you have provided a demonstration, you can ask your clients to perform the task so they can become more familiar with the product. This is a great addition to your company’s annual conference if applicable. This is less resource-heavy than one-on-one training, but can still take up a lot of time and money.

3. Implement training software

Whether you are giving in-person training sessions or hosting a training class, your presentation and effectiveness can be greatly bolstered by using training software like Lessonly. Modern training software that allows you to quickly create, share, and track branded lessons for your customers. We actually find that training software is a great complement to in-person training as you can cover the basics in the software, leaving the more in-depth, strategic discussions for in-person sessions.

A few of the top benefits of using training software are:

  • Increased understanding of your services and products
  • Reduced number of customer service inquiries and help desk calls
  • Quicker buy-in for clients adopting your services and products
  • Increased perceived value of your services, products, and brand
  • Greater number of sales of service and product offerings

In any case, the sale of a complex product doesn’t end upon product delivery. Instead, you must effectively train the client on how to use the product. As a result of offering product training, you can realize several benefits, which ultimately end at increased residual sales.

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