Three Basics of How to Train Employees in Retail

Retail staff training is an ongoing task, but one that is more than worth it. If your employees know how to treat customers right and handle difficult situations with ease, they will be happy and your store will do well. The following are three basics of providing proper training to new and veteran employees alike in a retail setting.

1. Make sure it is structured

Training must be structured and consistent so that both you and your employees can measure their progress objectively. You will need to make a plan and follow it and you should also allow your employees to see the plan so that they know what to expect. Using training software can be ideal, as it takes a lot of the work out of building lessons and communicating the plan and it even makes it easy to track progress.

2. Identify the training methodology

Once you have a plan in place, you will need to determine how best to execute it. Some stores have found that regular training sessions are the best way to train employees. These training sessions may be geared to new recruits or veteran employees and can be tailored to suit the needs of the store’s personnel and target audience. Other stores have found it best to simply team up veteran employees with new ones and have new staff members learn on-the-job, while yet other retailers use on-the-job training in conjunction with training software. Try out various methods and schedules to see what works best for your store.

3. Keep looking for ways to improve

Just because a training program is working well does not mean there is no room for improvement. Once your employees have completed the training program, ask them for their input regarding how it can be made simpler, easier to understand, and more effective. You may also want to ask seasoned employees for their input regarding how graduates of your training program are doing, as veteran store workers may be able to spot weaknesses that managers do not see.

A recent survey found that offering a comprehensive training program to your employees helps a business keep talented staff members. Given this fact, training should clearly be a high priority for any store manager regardless of what products the store sells.
Assess your options, see which method or combination of methods works well for you and then implement a program that suits your specific needs.

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