This is What Learning Solutions Look Like for Modern eLearning Software

This three-part series is all about maximizing your business’ elearning software. In Part 1, we’ll chat about online courses, in Part 2 we’ll discuss the downfalls of powerpoints, and then we’ll conclude in Part 3 by talking more holistically about learning solutions. It’s time for better elearning—let’s get to it!

Learning has come a long way from the one-room schoolhouse days. As new technologies have emerged, we’ve found ways to integrate engaging learning content and create more modern learning solutions. In today’s always-connected world, there are a few features of a modern elearning software that have shown themselves to be most effective in providing learning solutions for teams across the globe. When searching the elearning industry for a platform fit for creating interactive and effective learning solutions, there are a few features that you should keep an eye out for.

Responsive design is a must

We’ve never been more connected with each other, and that’s largely because there have never been more ways for humans to connect to the internet. This means “responsive design” is an absolute must for the tools, platforms, and systems that support us in tasks such as learning. If you’re not an instructional designer fluent in building an articulate storyline inside of learning content, “responsive design” refers to the way in which content is displayed across multiple screen sizes and media. It’s how Facebook looks like Facebook whether you’re viewing it on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Building online content in the elearning industry has never been easier—and a cloud-based learning management system makes that possible. Learning content is no longer tied to a specific machine at a specific time in a specific place. Responsive design allows for a learner who thrives in the comfort of their own home to curl up on the couch with an iPad and get some studying done—if that’s the environment best fit for them to learn. A forward-thinking learning management software adapts to fit whatever screen the learner needs, and provides the same learning solution across every access point.

Easy to design, easy to use

If you’re creating a modern elearning course, the content has to be fresh. To keep learning content fresh and appealing to learners, the software must be easy-to-use—not just for the learner, but for the person creating the learning as well. Of course, the goal for a modern elearning software is for users to learn something, but that goal can only be met if the authoring tools of that learning platform make creating interactive content easy. In the past, learning solutions grew stale because of the massive effort and investment needed for elearning projects. It cost so much money to make an articulate storyline, there was no budget to update content on a regular basis. With time, most of the elearning industry realized this was a mistake, and modern learning solutions have made the software as easy to use for the lesson builders as it is for the lesson learners. For anyone looking into finding a modern e learning software, make sure to ask about how easy it is to build learning content.

The future of learning is cloud based

Responsive design made for multiple screens in different locations is absolutely necessary these days, but the technology which makes the “different locations” part possible is cloud-based software. In a nutshell, “cloud computing” is a means of storing information on a remote server and building applications which can access that information from different locations. The movement away from centralized records has many implications for learners as well as the trainers and managers who want their teams to do better work.

As mentioned earlier, there are huge improvements in learner retention when employees can use a cloud-based, elearning course to interact with content—whereever and whenever they learn best. Maybe one learner gets anxiety when they take a test in a formal work environment, but significantly eases up if they can take that same test after hours at a coffee shop. There are benefits on the administrative side as well. Having cloud access to grades and scores means learning can happen anywhere, expanding the elearning industry to places where it hadn’t been able to go before. “Flexibility” is the key word that comes to mind when the cloud is involved, and it makes for a great learning solution.

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