What #TheDress Taught Us About Sales


the dress
Did you see black and blue or white and gold? Thursday night, social media networks were overwhelmed with the color of #TheDress. Some people saw a white and gold dress, some saw a blue and black dress, and some people swore the dress changed colors before their eyes. No matter what color dress you saw, the online retailer, Roman Originals, is seeing green.


Roman Originals is reaping the benefits of this craze.  Friday, the retailer experienced a staggering 347% increase in sales and show no sign of slowing down.  In fact, the Roman Original’s website is projected to experience a 500% boost in visits.  Consumers aren’t just looking at the dress and leaving though, consumers have been buying other clothing and accessories, hopefully in the expected color.

The start

#TheDress rose to a national debate when a woman posted a picture on Instagram of her mother’s dress. The unsuspecting bride simply asked social media for a little help by asking #whatcoloristhisdress. She followed up her question with #TheDress.

Celebrity status

#TheDress nearly broke the internet without even leaving the hanger. Even celebrities started chiming in on the conversation.  Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian all provided their opinions on the color of the dress. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres has requested overnight delivery of the dress to feature on her show.

No white and gold

Although the dress appears white and gold to some people, the dress is indeed blue and black. However, Roman Originals also offers white and black, red and black, and pink and black.  While there isn’t currently a white and gold option, Roman Originals is planning to create one and continue take advantage of the media storm.  They should probably keep them on different shelves, just to be safe.

What did #TheDress teach us about sales?

Thanks to the Internet and social media, Roman Originals is having a year for the ages. With about 150 phone calls every 45 minutes last Friday, it’s clear to say the retailer is on track to break all of their previous records. Social media and viral campaigns have the ability to change any company overnight.  Whether #TheDress virus lingers or fades, it has left a lasting impression on us.  Word of mouth and social media are more effective selling techniques than ever, sometimes when you least expect it.  If people are talking about your product, people will buy your product.  It doesn’t have to be revolutionary, exclusive, or an optical illusion, just find a way to get people talking.

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