The Thing To Do at 3:21pm: Why I Love Taking Certifications with an Online Training System

It’s 3:21 pm, and I have nine minutes before my next meeting. Are there tasks I could start? Absolutely. But none of them will fit in this nine minute window, and I don’t want to get entrenched in a problem just to take 20 minutes to figure out where I left off after the meeting. I’m tempted to scroll through social media, but I know opening up TikTok will turn into an endless time scroll.

But here’s a thought: How can I be productive, use my time wisely, and better myself at the same time? It’s 2021, and e-learning software has come a long way. To get that next step in my career, I have a few skills I need to tune up to prove that I can handle an increase in responsibilities. One of the many benefits of online training for employees is that I can work on upping my skills at my own pace, time-boxed between focused work and meetings. But are online certifications worth it? Is there anything to gain from online training platforms that incorporate certifications as a part of their learning program.

I decided to pop open the interactive training software from my company. Boom! There’s a 7-minute section I can knock out before my next meeting. My need to be hyper productive dances for joy.

What else is great about online certifications?

Online software training comes with a variety of features and time estimates that help me figure out how long it will take. Since my Type A-self plans my day down to the minute, I’m more likely to do the training when I can plan ahead for dead space between meetings. And unlike other training, where it seems to be endless, certifications with online learning platforms make it easy to understand what I’m going to be learning and how it will benefit me in my role. 

Before, training felt like a one-way-street knowledge share: “Hello employee, this is what we want you to know so you can do your job.” Asking if someone has taken a training versus if someone is certified on a special topic results in totally different levels of responsibility and even ownership. Now, I can point back to a certification and say, “Hey, I feel confident in this area because I’m certified in it!” and my managers feel more confident that I know what I’m talking about. There’s no more wasted time because we’re all stuck in a feedback loop. Certifications allow me to self-lead as I complete and grow through different virtual training platforms. And with certifications, I can be sure that my time and effort will be recognized. Online teaching platforms that use certifications can turn training into milestone markers that can spot-on identify where an employee is in the training process.

Training is an ongoing endeavor. But, you don’t want it to feel neverending. Buttoning up a topic with certifications in an online training system makes it easier to understand where that endpoint is. I tend to run faster once I can see the finish line. Having the end in sight encourages me to firstly, finish, but also tantalizes my reward system enough to continue on. I know I’ll be getting something at the end (recognition) for the work I’ve done.

A certi-FUN-cation part of certifications

One final thing I like about training management software and online certifications is this: I can look ahead to what other things I could be certified in. Seeing what other certifications are available gives me a clue as to how my learning progression could go. When Google Ads launched its certification program, I remember feeling like the Wizard of Oz was revealed, that I had some insider knowledge of how Google worked. And because of that, it helped me understand a broader context of what was out there. I searched for other certifications that could help me in my field and dove deep into niche topics that elevated my performance as an employee. I was also able to post my accomplishment on my Linkedin account so that people knew externally what I was learning about. Training platforms for employees that provide resources to draw from make me feel like I am leveling up every day.

Final thoughts

Creating online training for employees doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The software to create online training courses make it easy to break down tons of information into bite-sized chunks. Organized with certifications, these digestible pieces make learning at a manageable pace possible and simple to let managers know what I do and don’t know. Certifications build confidence, orient me to where I’m at in my training, and give me a sense of accomplishment upon completion. I’d say that makes them worthwhile for me.


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