The Quest for the Perfect Onboarding Checklist

Does your company have a checklist to provide efficiency in the employee onboarding process? If not, you may want to because they are much more extensive than we thought…

In April 2014, we teamed up with our friends at BambooHR to create a new employee checklist template builder that would make it easy for people to create a customized checklist for their organization. See it here.

Since then, we’ve had almost 250 people create checklists through the builder, which has provided us with a few interesting findings. Findings that have allowed us to create the *perfect employee onboarding checklist template.

Checklist Insights-01

First things first, let’s talk about the people who have built checklists with our builder. As you can see above, the majority were from small businesses, while roughly 33% were from mid-sized to enterprise companies.

Checklist Insights-03

Next up, we found the average checklist built with our tool contained 62 items to be checked off! This took us by surprise. Think about how long it takes to do anything 62 times, let alone all of the different things that can come up in an onboarding process.

Checklist Insights-04

Have you ever wondered if your employee checklist is similar to other companies’? Well, if it includes the five categories of tasks above, then the answer is yes. Out of all of the checklists built using our tool, these categories showed up the most. See all of the categories in our builder.

Finally, using this information, we’ve rounded up the 62 most selected tasks across the checklists built in our tool and published them here. Feel free to download the checklist and compare it with your process, or create a brand new one for yourself here.

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