The Lessonly Team

I want to interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posts to welcome a few new additions to the Lessonly family.

We’ll start with Mitch Causey, who is sitting there in the middle of the photo, cheesing. Mitch came aboard last week to set our marketing on fire in a good way. You can reach him at

Corey Kime, the cool-grinning, shadowy gent on your far left, propping up the cutout of Matt De Leon, joined us yesterday to take our clients from rocking to rocking and rolling. You can shoot him a note at just to rap or to talk Lessonly; he’s a good listener. (Mitch, you are a good listener, too.)

You might already know the rest of the team, but I will continue in case I’m wrong: Conner Burt is the guy on the computer screen, building Lessonly’s partnership base from our office in Raleigh, NC. Conner started just a few months ago, and his efforts have already allowed us to bring Mitch and Corey on, so I’d say job well done, but that doesn’t quite cover it.

Kyle Shipley’s banging the hammer shirt. He and Matt—who is shown as a cutout here because he’s traveling through Thailand for a year, laptop and Github in tow—are the reasons the Lessonly application exists. They consistently push us to think things through, build intelligently, and always put reality first. (If you’ve met me, you know that I need that reality reminder every once in awhile.)

I am the dude in the purple shirt, uncontrollably smiling.


Thanks to everyone who helped make this picture possible.


P.S. Bort, Lessonly’s ever-weird chatbot, is not pictured here, but he is still very much a part of the team.

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