The Lessonly Story

In July of 2012, I sat down with Kristian Andersen, Mike Fitzgerald, and Eric Tobias to work through the first Lessonly wireframes.


That’s me in the picture, in the room where Lessonly was born.

We started with a simple premise:

If we can create affordable and easy-to-use software that helps our clients build, distribute, and track their learning materials, we can do something very special.

We were confident in our premise for two reasons:

1. With our 40+ combined years of entrepreneurial experience, we knew how much time, money, and effort it takes to educate and train employees, partners, and clients on products, services, roles, responsibilities, protocols, workflows, and all of the other fundamental aspects of a business.

2. The learning software we’d encountered in the past was either too expensive, too challenging to implement and use, or—in most cases—all of the above.


Our checklist for existing teaching and learning software.

It took us six months to complete our customer interviews and build the first version of Lessonly. It took us three weeks to find our first customer. Two weeks later, we found our second; then, our third.

When our client-count hit double digits, we celebrated not with champagne toasts, but by deploying a better user-interface and refining our existing feature sets, designing around all of the data and feedback our clients had brought to us.

Naturally (and happily), the growth continued.


I’m telling you all of this because I want to make one thing clear: we are doing what we are doing because we have been in your shoes. We know how hard it is to grow a business while keeping everyone on the same page, and we’re honored that you’re considering us to help remove these pains from your work.

It is our highest hope that you love Lessonly for everything it is and, more importantly, everything it is intentionally not.

If you ever have any questions, email or call us—we are here to help.

Max Yoder
Co-founder and General Manager
Lessonly, the Teaching and Learning Application
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