The Importance of Training Your Team Regularly and Consistently

This blog post is by our friend, Rob Browne. He’s a Content Marketing Specialist at G2 writing about all things marketing. Originally from New Jersey, he previously worked at an NYC-based business travel startup. We’re happy to have his wisdom and insights on our blog!

“It’s like riding a bike.”

How often do we hear this cliche thrown around falsely? The idea that once you learn to do something, you are set for life? That there is never an impetus to improve?

If some tasks in life are like riding a bike, then consider managing your team to be the Tour de France. There are stages of varying difficulty, uphill climbs, downhill glides, straightaways, and hairpin turns. Plus, you’re going to need to take a lot of breaks to refuel. If you think you know it all as to how to be a good manager or a great individual contributor, think again.

Why Your Team Needs to be Trained Regularly

Sure, maybe being onboarded and trained can be like riding a bike. But in order to be a top-tier cyclist, or in this case, a top-tier performer in the workplace, you’re going to need to continue to train, learn, and adapt to a changing course. Read on to learn why continual  employee training is important.


Say you work in marketing at a mid-size tech company. Your product is on the cutting edge of what consumers want, and is carving a niche in the market for your customers. In order to keep performing at a high level, you need to keep up with the latest industry trends and consumer behavior. 

Consistency may mean a relatively straight line of performance for you. But keep in mind that the parameters of the industry, whether you work in sales, customer service, or finance, are always changing. 

Consistency doesn’t just mean learning how to perform well, starting, and continuing with those same behavioral traits ad infinitum. It means adapting to the moving goalposts of the field around you, and making the necessary changes to your work to fit the changes you see in the industry. 

Regular and consistent training keeps you in your industry’s loop and gives you the tools you need for consistent performance. Plus, the ability to coordinate this training through training management systems means less of a time burden on your end as well.

Excel and Take on More

Your employees are going to want more out of their careers. It’s part of human nature that will guide any employee through their time in a particular role or level of performance. Consistent training allows employees to directly find ways to improve their performance and come closer to a point where they can take on greater responsibilities. If you’re not providing the framework for employees to excel in their roles, they’re going to have a difficult time doing so. 

Building employee skillsets through consistent training also enables them to gauge what areas of the company they are confident in pursuing going forward. Project management tools can help your team stay on track and manage where they stand in all trainings. Regular training exposes your employees to all of the ways they can maximize their performance to further the mission of their companies and move up in their careers.


Keeping your employees informed and up-to-date on the latest industry news, workflows, and company goals is not only for the benefit of their performance. It’s beneficial because it makes them feel like you value their participation and involvement in the company’s overall goals and mission. Training, at its core, is all about allocating time and other resources toward helping your employees perform better. 

When you provide employees with consistent training, you show a belief that their continuous development is just as important as their current performance.

From an employee engagement perspective, this inclusion in the big picture of company goals shows that their ability to contribute to the company both now and in the future matters. 

An added benefit of these morale boosts is a decrease in turnover. The more valued employees feel, the less likely they are to switch jobs. Employees who receive consistent training can see it as an additional benefit from their company.

Start Training

The benefits of consistent, regular training are well-known and effective. Ultimately, consistent training for your employees will benefit their performance and the performance of your company as a whole. So, what are you waiting for? Start scheduling regular training sessions, whether in person, in a learning management system, or via a video conferencing tool, for your team. You can bet they’ll thank you for investing in their development.

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