The Hoover Dam and Learning Management Systems

The Hoover Dam is a modern engineering marvel (constructed in the 1930s) and is one of the only government run entities that pays for itself. Yes, let’s pause and recognize the beauty of that statement. 

Recently, I had the chance to visit with my wife, and we were both blown away by the results of this monumental feat; the ingenuity of the designers, the grit and determination of the workers who built it, the scale of the structure, the containment of the powerful river, the electrical power it provides to millions of people, and the long-lasting impact that it’s had, and will continue to have, on the southwestern states. Millions of Americans are flourishing today because of the smart decision to build this wonder. If you’ve never visited, pack your bags and head west.

So, what does the Hoover Dam have to do with a learning management system? Stick with me for a minute. The Hoover Dam is meant to contain and harness a wild and powerful force—namely, the Colorado River. In building it, we’re able to provide five main benefits to millions of people who occupy the surrounding states:

  • Electricity
  • Flood control
  • Water storage
  • Regulation
  • Recreation (check out Lake Mead!)

The surrounding areas of Nevada, Arizona, and southern California would have a difficult time sustaining their booming populations without the resources the dam provides. 

What is the purpose of a Learning Management System (LMS)?

One purpose is to harness the power of the knowledge that exists within the organization, much like how the Hoover Dam harnesses the power of the Colorado River. If left untamed, information runs wild throughout the company. It’s scattered among different subject matter experts and can be difficult to use for the benefit of everyone. It can easily become inconsistent, at best, and without the right focus and an effective tool, people are left vulnerable to mistakes and inefficiencies. A learning management system (LMS) software is meant to be as substantial as our National Historic Landmark; it should capture and contain the power of knowledge, utilize it to align your team, and release it at a steady pace that allows for your organization to grow and flourish! 

That’s why Lessonly exists—to help organizations, especially those with customer facing teams, harness their knowledge and enable their employees to do their best work. 

However, there are an insane amount of learning management systems. If you search for learning management articles, learning management comparisons, best learning management system, learning management system examples, or best lms 2019, you’ll find yourself swimming in a massive pool of possible tools. And it can be overwhelming. Feel free to take a look, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say this—take a good look at Lessonly.

Our team, like the Hoover Dam team, takes the time to understand your training and performance goals and partner with you in finding the right tool and strategy you need for your organization to truly flourish.

Lessonly—the training solution for your frontline team

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. If you’re looking to unite your frontline team with great training, easy-access to information, and better communication, let’s talk! 
Click here to get a quick look at what exactly we do, or if you’re not quite sure about us yet, here are 5 things you should know about Lessonly! ?

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