The Democratization of Training with Anthony Onesto

A while ago, Conner Burt (Lessonly) and Anthony Onesto (HR Possibilist) connected to discuss a number of topics related to the future of training. In the segment below, they discuss the trend toward the democratization of training material creation throughout organizations. If you’d like to watch their entire discussion, click here. Enjoy!

Democratizing for the person taking the training sounds like it may be important – giving them access when they need it, when it’s relevant, at the right time, engaging content there as well. Do you see training as being departmental? So, we’re talking about small companies or organizations who don’t have a traditional training department.

Do you think over the next couple of years, will democratizing training on the teaching side will happen as well?

I think so. If you think about how training is developed these days, training leaders get together with the business leaders and they figure out what the skills gaps are in your organization. So, for instance, our leadership training development may meet with the head of technology to say “what skills gaps are needed to get your folks to the next level?” Whether it’s storytelling, communications, or a specific skillset training, they meet and they talk about what is needed.

You still need that person that aggregates the content and makes sure that we’re spending resources in the right way and that kind of stuff, but to really understand what the skills gaps are, you need that discipline leader, you need that technology leader to tell you what is needed.

I think what happens in the next couple years is that absolutely it gets democratized. I think it goes down to the level of different departments. I love using Zappos, they’re sort of HR heroes to all of us. From them, we can see the example of pods, where teams are developed, not necessarily in a hierarchical sense, but teams and what training is needed for those specific teams. So, you still have your Learning and Development group to look at things across the company in a smart way, but I think you absolutely democratize so that the leader of that pod can take a look at the skills gaps and has an adhoc way of pulling in skills and training as needed. I absolutely think that’s the way it goes, there’s no longer this centralized view of content, but content is actually widely distributed

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