The Best Time To Use Call Center Training Software

While it’s difficult to predict presently just how the labor market will react to the “new normal,” the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that call center jobs will increase over the next eight years as businesses add customer service reps and agents to business support centers, which include telephone call centers.

Businesses will continue investing in customer onboarding, support, and retention, and they will use a variety of call center tools and software to efficiently route calls, provide customer context, and report key variables like call volume and trends, tickets opened and closed, and agent efficiency.

What should be high on every customer support call center’s list, however, is establishing best practices for call center agents through a call center agent training program. The fact is Americans overwhelmingly prefer picking up the phone and speaking with a live person to resolve issues or ask questions over any other support service channel, including live chat.

More than talking on the phone

Today’s call centers are fast-paced, multi-channel operations that involve customer interactions via telephone, email, live-chat, and social media. Issue resolution and customer satisfaction are the primary goals of every call center team, and there are plenty of opportunities to miss the mark.

No two calls are the same. So, agents must be nimble, agile, and thoroughly versed in their areas of expertise to resolve problems quickly and effectively, get customers what they want, and maintain high company standards at the same time.

It doesn’t happen overnight

There are no shortcuts or quick reads on how to become a good call center agent. It’s a complex job with many moving parts. In addition to acquiring a thorough knowledge of a particular product or service, agents must learn and hone soft personal and communication skills that are necessary for success. This is where a robust, comprehensive training software platform is indispensable to call center training techniques.

But when are the best times for agents to use call center training software? Here are just a few ideas.

New Agent Onboarding

Call center onboarding can be a tricky proposition, especially when an enterprise has multiple teams in different locations. Getting and keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge without a well-aligned, centralized approach. With training software, onboarding can be tailored to specific teams and goals with information that’s easy to access and consume. Instead of having new hires sit at their desks and read manuals for days, consider creating more engaging learning paths that lead them through the process while team leaders can monitor results and provide quick feedback and encouragement. 

In with the new and staying sharp 

When preparing for a new product or service rollout, training software can be a determining factor among call center solutions designed to prepare service reps and call center agents for launch.

Platforms like our call center training software include practice features that allow agents to rehearse and perfect product pitches and presentations, chat, email, and written channel interactions, and ticketing resolution. By practicing and honing those essential customer service skills, along with their communications chops, call center agents will always be ready to perform at the top of their game.

Knowledge base in the palm of your hand

In addition to actual training and practice, an online learning content management system provides agents and customer reps with quick, easy access to the company’s central knowledge bank for content on any given subject or product.

With product specifications, policies, procedures, and other pertinent information instantly available, agents will have the confidence to handle challenging situations and provide customers the positive experience they’re seeking.

All the time would be a good time

These are just a few occasions we can think of that call center training software can and should be used to improve team performance, customer loyalty, and brand image. But, there are many more opportunities and benefits. In fact, the more difficult question to answer would be, “When isn’t a good time to incorporate training software into your call center training program?”

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