The Benefits of Training Tracking Software: Powerful Corporate Training at Scale

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Brian’s sales team is rapidly growing. Over the last quarter his team has more than doubled in size and shows no sign of slowing down. Amidst this momentum, Brian has been reevaluating his team’s processes and procedures to find ways to be more efficient and close more deals.

After talking with his team, Brian focusing on his team training. For the past few years, new sales reps have participated month-long training program consisting of bulky binders, lengthy lectures, and shadowing sessions with high-performing reps. While the program covers a lot of important info, it’s difficult to track training and measure the progress against the team’s performance. Brian knows there has to be a better way to scale their training program, so he starts looking into the benefits of adding training tracking software to their sales tech stack.

What is training tracking software?

Employee training tracking software easily conveys information to company leaders and training managers about the skills and knowledge their employees need to succeed. From tracking training requirements like regulatory compliance programs to ensuring employees complete trainings, this type of software can be a one-stop-shop for providing valuable insights that leaders can use to make informed decisions about their training efforts.

Training tracking software is best paired with a modern learning management system that allows leaders to build employee training programs, assign training, and provide document control. In fact, world-class training software combines all of these elements to create a powerfully simple way for leaders to better organize and easily scale their training programs—in one, centralized platform.

The benefits of tracking software

When it comes to scaling corporate training, the benefits of training tracking software are abundant. This type of software helps both leaders and learners take their training efforts to the next level. By providing companies with control over every aspect of their training program including management and tracking, the best training tracking software empowers organizations to:

  • Get insights: Managers can visualize employee training engagement and satisfaction so that teams can find areas of growth and make better decisions about corporate training.
  • See results: Leaders can view completion data and quiz performance across specific lessons, courses, or teams in one convenient location.
  • Dive deep: Teams can drill into data to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for improvement. This also might include reviewing search data to see what content employees are searching for most.

How this impacts training at scale

Whether leaders are starting a training program from scratch or updating an existing program, creating a scalable training program is imperative for success—especially for fast-growing teams like Brian’s. And while scaling training might seem like a daunting task, the use of training tracking software makes business success more attainable. Step by step, improvement by improvement, leaders can identify areas for growth in real time and make the little changes that add up to big results.

Measure employee engagement

For many companies, it’s hard to gauge how engaged employees are during the training process. Training programs that are strictly based on classroom-style learning or job shadowing make it hard to clearly measure success. By using an all-in-one training tracking software and online learning management system, admins can see which lessons are the most popular with their team and what information they keep going back to. Additionally, tracking software makes it easy for training managers to see which employees or teams have yet to complete assigned training materials. This is extremely beneficial for quickly growing teams, as leaders can ensure that everyone is receiving and completing every aspect of training.

Review learner satisfaction

Robust tracking solutions also offer learners the ability to rate training materials and provide feedback to their trainers and leaders. The satisfaction trendline reveals how teams are responding to training over time, where training is strong, and what content needs improvement.

Companies that truly want to provide effective training programs at scale can also dig into the training feedback that’s provided by employees. If training isn’t helping employees succeed or answer the questions that they have, then it’s most likely ineffective. Teams that are scaling their training programs should create continuous feedback loops to improve content—all with the goal of helping their employee do better work.

Determine training needs

Training tracking software provides comprehensive data that can easily be downloaded and reviewed so leaders can make educated decisions about their team’s training needs. These types of reports on training offer key qualitative metrics that can be extremely beneficial to training improvement. With online training software that offers searchable content, admins can review null search data—when employees search for something, but no content exists. By examining the topics and phrases employees are searching for, but can’t find, teams can simply identify what information their team members are looking for most. Then, leaders and training managers can get their teams the information that they really need to succeed.

As a company or team grows, keeping track of all of the moving parts that make them successful becomes increasingly difficult. Teams that invest in training tracking software will find it easier to scale their corporate training program—and with reap the many benefits of productivity, effectiveness, and employee engagement.

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