Your Team’s Best Tool? Tips and Tactics from Top Reps.

Your Team’s Best Tool? Tips and Tactics from Top Reps.

Sales leaders often struggle with the disparity between their top performers and those reps who consistently trail quota. Consistent over-achievers are obviously doing something right, but the means of getting the rest of the team to that superior level is rarely clear. Fortunately, this issue is one that modern learning software is built to solve.

Sales behaviors are the difference-maker

A recent study published by Harvard Business Review outlined the stark behavioral differences between top performing sales representatives and the rest of their teams. According to the study, overachievers are more likely to spend more hours per week talking to customers and are more likely to cross-sell product categories, but that’s just the beginning. HBR also noted that these top performers are:

  • Three times more likely to interact with internal teams that could help enable the sale
  • Twice as likely to interact with generalist sales peers that they normally wouldn’t be working with
  • And 50% more likely to have weekly pipeline reviews with their direct managers

The best part about these all-star habits? They’re coachable—and learnable—behaviors. There’s no doubt that soft skills also influence the sales equation, and those intangibles can be difficult to develop. But the behaviors outlined in the HBR study can be replicated and repeated as long as the rest of the sales team is willing to put in work. As New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter once put it, “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

Modern LMSs share critical team knowledge

Modern learning management systems—those built for the productivity learning of teams—are designed to translate sales training and development into information that can instantly have an effect on the performance of sales teams. And the most accessible learning softwares makes it easy to create and share Lessons with teams.
For example, the HBR study found that,

“the most successful reps came better prepared [than other reps] to their meetings with customers. Rather than showing up to a quarterly review to discuss how much the customer wanted to order, they prepared by assessing the potential needs of the customer [and] pulling in experts on other products that might be pitched.”

With Lessonly, a top performing salesperson could easily create a Lesson titled, “Three Ways I Make Customer Meetings More Insightful,” and then she (or sales leadership) can easily share this information with the rest of the team.
Building a library of Lessons like these can go a long way toward enabling a stronger and more winning sales team. Riskalyze did just that when they adopted Lessonly to train and onboard their sales reps. In addition to crowdsourcing Lesson creation to their top sales team members, Riskalyze filled their Learning Library with information that is always available if a salesperson needs it in the middle of a deal.

Identify sales best practices with Lessonly

Small behavioral improvements, encouraged through Lessons, are great for helping close the gap between top sales performers and the rest of their teams. Organizations around the world already use Lessonly to turn best practices into essential learning content. Take a self-guided, five-step tour of Lessonly’s team learning software and see how. Sign up today.

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