Taylor Swift’s Performance Improvement Plan

Every one of the songs that Taylor Swift writes basically shoots straight to #1 spot on the music charts. Okay, not every song but we are safe to say that the songs she sings have huge success.

A performance improvement plan (PIP) maps out a performance improvement process by which the aberrant behavior is identified, addressed, and monitored to determine employee compliance. Many people may not realize this, but you can base how to write a PIP from Taylor Swift.

Why your PIPs should be like Taylor Swift and her music:

Reflect on the Bad Blood

For a PIP to happen, you have to reflect on an employee’s issue of the past. If you have ever listened to any of Taylor Swift’s albums, you know she loves to reflect on issues of the past. Writing down the performance problem is a major step in the PIP process. Make sure to cite what the employee performance discrepancy is, expectations, incidences, and dates of the issue.

Bringing in The Backup

On her 1989 Tour, Swift always brought on a surprise singer to support her. Ed Sheeran, Jason Durelo, Nelly, and Keith Urban were just a few of the music stars she had guest appear. When making a PIP, do not just use your own knowledge, but ask others for their opinion and advice prior to meeting with the employee. Bring back up to make sure that you are not being biased of the employee. Or, if you know Nelly, bring him, that would be awesome.

Allow Your Employees to Shake it Off

Yes, the employee had performance problems, but it is time for them to shake off the past. When you meet with the employee, encourage the employee to not dwell on the past but focus on improvements for the future. Lay out the expectations and help the employee establish a plan to reach those goals.

Don’t Become a “Picture to Burn”

Make sure the employee knows the consequences if he doesn’t make improvements. Give the employee clear expectations of the punishments that will happen if improvements are not made. After the PIP has been finalized, have the supervisor and employee sign an agreement that they understand the expectations.

Practice Makes Improvement

I went to one of Taylor Swift concerts when she was an opening singer for Rascal Flatts when she was 18. She had a mediocre performance. Now though at 25 years old, she is selling out every location on her tour. Help your employees see that it will take work to improve. Give them the resources they need to make the improvements to rock their performances.

Lessonly offers performance improvement plan templates for your supervisors. They are in easy to use Word templates for you to customize for your employees. We have the resources you need to keep your PIP hip and get your employees rocking their jobs.

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