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Survey Questions

Have you ever wanted to ask a question in a lesson that may not have a right answer? It’s like those test questions that make you choose “the most correct answer.” All of them may be correct, but some are “more correct” than others.

With a survey question, you can tell what answer the majority of your learners think is correct. Knowing the general consensus is a great way to see what the lesson emphasized or what it may have glanced over.

Survey questions can save you a lot of time from sifting through free response questions and instead get a more concrete general response. Your team will appreciate them too because they don’t even have to think in complete sentences.

Survey questions can be used for multiple things, from scheduling team retreats to employee satisfaction.

Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • If you want to know how your employees are spending their time, a survey question may help you eliminate bottlenecks. You could ask your employees what tasks take up the most hours in a normal day.
  • Consider asking if they have the tools necessary to complete their job effectively. They may know a great tool that could help drastically.
  • Adding survey questions to the ends of lessons also helps with lesson feedback. A simple “Was this lesson effective in accomplishing its goal?” will let you know what it takes to educate your team.

What are some other great uses for survey questions that you’ve found? Let us know the best survey questions you’ve come up with in a comment below.

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