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Our goal at Lessonly is to help your onboarding and training process bring your employees up to speed and keep them there. Our online training software is intuitive, efficient, and useful. We give you the tools to help build, learn, and track content that is important to you.

What we say the Lessonly product is about is important to us. What is more important to us is what our customers have to say about our product.

Get to know Father Time

Four hours for every new employee. That’s how much time Modcloth is saving in their onboarding process. They’ve trained over 200 users throughout our time together. I’m no math wizard, but that’s about 800 hours. Wow. 800 hours, assuming a 40 hour work week, is 20 weeks. That’s 20 weeks of new employee salary, trainer salary, and an inefficient start to the employee’s career cycle.

In a quickly growing company, it’s not practical to pull out a manager every week and have them show the newbies the ropes if the ropes are the same every week. Instead, when your employees can learn about your company and their role, the ropes in this metaphor, you can sit back and wait for questions, concerns, or find the person who is still in the rope swing instead of the high ropes course.

Track to Success

Some believe there is no need to track employees because they trust them to read all of their emails, download all those lengthy, wordy, pictureless PDFs, and respond with questions or feedback. The reality is, as easy and nice as that would be when you come in on Monday morning and your inbox has 70 unread emails, those attachments can get lost, forgotten, or neglected. When you maintain all of your lessons in a single platform, you can easily see who has completed what lessons and who hasn’t.

Birchbox was using GoogleDocs before Lessonly and now the days of tracking down hundreds of slides, docs, and sheets is a thing of the past. We’re thankful for it and so is Birchbox.

Quality and Quantity

Ah, the debate of quality and quantity. Do I want to get a great burger, or do I want to get 20 round meat-like patties? Do I want to build one great lesson, or build 20 decent ones? With Lessonly, porque no las dos? For you non-Spanish speakers, that means “why not both?” You can build unlimited, great lessons quickly and easily.

Quality lessons keep learners engaged and a vast quantity can educate employees better than seminars, presentations, wikis, and forums.

I love hearing great feedback from our customers. If you want to read more, check out our online training software reviews or read more customer testimonials here. If you’ve already read enough, what are you waiting for? Take a tour of Lessonly here.

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