Stop Customer Service Contact Center Turnover with Customer Experience Management Software

Did you know that contact center turnover hovers between 30-45% annually? This number is double any other occupational turnover in the U.S.

So many factors contribute to this number, but the root of all of them is this—agents typically feel unsupported and unprepared. And they have low job satisfaction because of it. 

There are a lot of ways a great customer experience platform provides a better, more encompassing onboarding experience for agents. However, too often the agents who excel at onboarding and take on their full job responsibilities quickly aren’t retained because their continued development is overlooked.

A 2016 study by Mercer looked into agent turnover over time, and here’s what they found…

  • 6.2% of new agents leave within the first 30 days
  • 5% of agents left between 21-60 days on the job
  • 5.6% of agents quit within 61-90 days
  • and another 8.2% left within 3-6 months.

So, yes—onboarding is important. However, the mass exodus from contact centers happens after onboarding. There’s serious potential for continuous training and customer experience management software to solve this major business issue. 

Oftentimes, trainers are overwhelmed with onboarding needs, product and service updates, and other moment-of-need coaching. This leaves little time to optimize ongoing training as agents move out of onboarding and gain more experience. 

Agents start to hit a wall somewhere between three and six months of work. Their job can get monotonous, the firehose of information shared in onboarding slows to a trickle, and there’s little emphasis on career growth and development. How do we fix this?

Enter customer experience management tools and training software, like Lessonly

What if a team leader noticed they’re continually stepping in to provide support on the same product update? Or if they’re seeing promise in an agent and considering that person for a promotion? These types of scenarios happen often, but are deprioritized because time and energy at work are primarily allocated for assisting with the here and now.

The best customer experience management software lets leaders build out lessons and content that answers questions at scale and provides career pathing for top performers. Powerfully simple software supports and grows agents because it grows with them; the ability to update processes, add new content, practice new techniques, and more are all at an agent’s fingertips with customer experience management software solutions. 

Imagine if a team leader could quickly explain the insight she has on the latest product update and share that information with ALL experienced agents handling those interactions. Or if a supervisor had a pre-built curriculum to assign the top performer that would ease and guide a transition from his current role into the next step of his career path.

I know what you’re thinking—this is utopian state because when would agents ever have time to engage in this training? 

The key here is a two-pronged approach to make this type of training feasible:

1. Partner with workforce management (WFM) to build in a dedicated ongoing training block in agents’ schedules.

Whether it’s 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes a week, an ongoing training block not only lends itself to multiple opportunities to train, but also shows your agents your dedication to their continued education and career growth.

2. Utilize training software and subject matter experts to take a modular approach to ongoing training.

During onboarding, it’s understandable to have a good amount of instructor-led training as agents learn their new world. But as agents gain experience, there’s less need for the contextual support of in-person sessions. You can increase efficacy by relying on the experience management platform and capitalizing on the knowledge of top performers, team leads, and supervisors with quick, easily digestible trainings.

What does this look like in action? Imagine your agents are struggling to adhere to a particular standard operating procedure (SOP) that’s causing a spike in average handle time (AHT). 

Without the method above, the result is likely setting up multiple in-person or webinar sessions with significant time off the floor for agents to align on the issue. It’s difficult to track attendance and ensure everyone received the information, and there’s no good way to assess if everyone is able to recall the information.

By leveraging open source customer experience management software solutions, you can have the person most familiar with the SOP develop the training, deploy it to all agents to take during their time block for ongoing training, monitor how many agents have engaged with the training, and assess comprehension and practical application of the information.

This methodology shows management’s dedication to making sure each agent is growing and succeeding. By adding customer experience management software to your tech stack and truly caring about the sustained development of your agents, you can keep your team happier and a whole lot more likely to stick around.

Reduce Contact Center Turnover with Lessonly

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