Staying Genuine with Employee Review Phrases

Employee review phrases are helpful for performance reviews, but you may think that you using phrases could make you seem ingenuine with your employees, which is the last thing either of us wants. Your employees should always know you are being honest and open with them because you want to feel the same way toward them. So, how do you stay genuine with employee review phrases?

Start at the Foundation

The first step in staying genuine and using employee review phrases is to find a sample. When you start with a sample, it’s easy because someone else already did the work for you. In this case, that someone could be us. When you take a look at our lesson on employee review phrases, we hope you find some you like for yourself, but if not, it will be a great guidance to establishing your own tone.

Unfortunately, we might not know you yet so we don’t know what you might say to your employees. You may be by-the-books or you may be more laissez-faire. Either way, it will give you a great start and hopefully get you most of the way to the finish line if not all the way there.

Create Your Own

One way to stay genuine is to create your own performance review phrases. After using ours as an example, you may decide you understand the concept enough to simply create your own. This way, the words you use in your performance reviews will reflect your own tone and personality. You may just have a standard format of performance review phrases and change each based on the employee you are reviewing. Finding what works for you may take some time, but it will be worth it in the long run when your employees leave their performance reviews smiling instead of sniffling and holding back tears.


The most important thing is to ask for feedback. Not necessarily from your employees but from another manager that knows you well or a friend. When you ask for feedback and revise your performance reviews, you can assure that every word you say is coming across with the right intention. Sometimes what we say can be twisted around more than a hot pretzel in Grand Central Station.

Performance review phrases are an ongoing process of continuously improving, so don’t give up!

What phrases are most effective for you and your team? Let us know in the comments.

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