Where to Start With Sales Enablement Software

Where to Start With Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement seems to remain the elusive, and often mysterious elephant in the room lately. Everyone’s scrambling to do it, but we still can’t seem to come to an agreed-upon definition for what sales enablement actually is. But hey, that’s why you’re here, right? We’ve put together a few tips for anyone looking to start with sales enablement software to help keep from jumping the gun a little too soon.

Have a Learning Software Strategy

The quickest way to ensure your foray into sales enablement is going to end poorly is to go in without any research. Stop and take a breath, talk to your sales team, and see what they need. Having a meeting to gather insight into what they have now, what they absolutely need, and what they would like to have. Their input will be critical to ensuring that including this new sales enablement software will actually benefit the company instead of hindering it. The act of reaching out will pay dividends as well, showing that their opinions are heard will go a long way toward ensuring engagement in whatever final product you choose. We are trying to enable the sales team after all. Forcing outside software on them without their say seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

Do Your Online Training Research

Now that you have a sense of what you need, it’s time to go searching. A definition for sales enablement is difficult to decide on by industry standards, but we’ve worked at this before and found that sales enablement is the ability to provide quality content to sales representatives that help drive engagement in a positive direction. Suggestions can change on a case-by-case basis depending on what your sales team needs, but a software that the entire company can use, from marketing, to management, and to sales works great.

When beginning your research on this topic, you might want to start with learning management systems. Lessonly is an LMS at its heart, but we’re making the management even easier by automating the most mundane tasks recurring. We also strive to offer a modern and more user-friendly interface. If you can create an email, you can create a lesson that can be distributed throughout your entire company. Learning management softwares make sense as a sales enablement software solution by providing you and your department the tools to create the content to help inform and arm the sales team to do their job. These systems make even more sense when they are extremely easy to use and focused on the learner rather than the admin.

Don’t Stop Training on Sales Skills

If you’ve made the right choice for implementing sales enablement software, your choice should function as a training tool as well. This is a good time to mention, don’t stop training on the sales basics! Sales enablement isn’t the end all of goals to aim for with your company. Like we talked about earlier, they are a set of tools to help your sales team to sell more, but they still have to sell.

Lessonly is flexible enough to serve as an inter-departmental tool for providing content to your sales representatives but also functions as a training software. It features a fully incorporated gradebook and assignment dashboard to see which employees are excelling and which need a bit more help to accomplish their goals. Lessonly provides one tool to help cover the sales basics and expand into more comprehensive knowledge at the same time.

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