How to Start Using a Training Plan Template

So you’re convinced that you need to start using a training plan template, but unsure how to start using one in your company. Getting started can seem like an overwhelming process. Just keep pushing. If you need inspiration, just watch Chris Farley’s motivational speaker sketch on SNL, that always motivates me.


After you’ve downloaded our version of the training plan template, you will see that it simply is a template for you to input your training. We wish you could help you out more, but we don’t have the links to your lessons and we don’t know what schedule or activities your new employees experience. But, just like He-Man, you have the powerrrrrrrrr.

First, think of all of the things you want to teach your employees. Round up a few employees and ask them to recall what training they went through if you are every experiencing any memory lapses–ironically, it took me a minute to think of the term memory lapses.

After you have thought of most of the training material you have, organize within the employee training plan template that makes sense to you. Then, you’re done for the day. Not forever. Don’t get that excited. Just the day.

Take a Day off

After you have strained your brain thinking of all the training your team has ever had, leave the template alone the next day. Do other things. It will give you time to forget most of the things you put on that list, and you can come back fresh when it is time to review. You can’t just spend 48 hours looking at a training plan and expect to think of everything. Training takes time, and if every employee is going to go through it, make sure it’s right.


Your day away might have seemed confusing until this stage. Once you can come back with a fresh mind, you can walk through your training, and make sure it is what and when you want to train. Keep in mind that if you overwhelm your employees all on day one, they may not come back for day two.

So, space it out with some activities. Include the activities in the sample training plan! It’s an integral part of training as well. Think of the activity as training on the coworkers and the culture they will be joining for the next stage of their careers.

If you find you have too many different links in your training, you can centralize your lessons here.

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