Speed, Accessibility, and Coachability: How Teams Build Great Enablement Programs with Enterprise Training Software

How can I build great online training with enterprise training software? Enterprise training software enables large, growing teams to scale with speed, increased accessibility, and consistent coachability, regardless of size or changes within the company or organization.

To start, it’s important to define what exactly “enterprise team” means. Is it based on the size of your company or the size of your team? Or maybe it’s based on where you focus as a seller?

Here’s what I’ve found—like most things, the definition varies depending on who you ask. But across the board, teams that identify as “enterprise” almost always support or sell multiple products and have a serious need for agility and alignment on their team.

As we look into building great online training programs for these teams, it’s evident that a free LMS is not going to cut it. The following three skills are all problems a great e-learning software can solve for enterprise teams:

  1. Speed
  2. Accessibility
  3. Coachability


Put yourself in your team’s shoes for a moment. They probably go to multiple meetings per day, interact with multiple internal tools, support even more products, and still need to take that lunch break. It’s a demanding life, and to slow these folks down with extended classroom training sessions or traditional employee training software modules is inefficient and unnecessary.

So to adapt and create great online training, you have to invest in enterprise training software and find an LMS login that focuses on fast, nimble, bite-sized learning to drive on-demand access for your teams.


Remember the last time you called into a customer service line and accomplished your goal in the first 5 minutes? You asked a question or made a request, they said, “Thank you, just a moment.” Then they came back within seconds and said, “You’re all set, have a great day.” Yeah, me neither.

It’s rare and extremely tough to provide quality, efficient service, but having a tool that makes information and answers easy to access, accurate, and simple to search for allows reps to serve their customers with speed and accessibility.

Without that exact experience, interactions can go poorly or unresolved. With data that says things like, “89% of consumers have switched to doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience,” companies can’t afford to not provide their teams with speed and simple accessibility to knowledge for their customer interactions.


Long story short, stop focusing on your customers.

This sounds ridiculous, but seriously, we should stop. We’ve spent the last five years trying to figure out how to produce the best customer experience, and we haven’t made the headway that was expected. Years ago Gartner said, “by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will take place without a human.” This did not happen, and it’s because people want to speak to people and have a real human interaction. 

The solution? Let’s put our efforts toward our employees and make sure they’re trained on the knowledge they need to do great work. We need to make sure they’ve practiced those conversations and interactions prior to a customer call. Why do teams practice new tactics when they’re with their customers when it leaves so much room for error? Enterprise team leaders should be looking internally and driving home practice and coaching to make sure all reps and agents are certified and know their products and services inside and out. By doing this, it will inherently drive better customer interactions, which means happier customers and employees—which means exceptional enterprise teams.

Final Thoughts

Employee training software can often fall short of providing leaders with the ability to move fast, give end-users and leadership teams simple easy access, and drive more coaching opportunities. If we spend more time focusing on these areas to hone the skills of our internal teams and spend less time worrying about what our customers think, we’ll see amazing customer experiences. We’ve been doing it all backwards, but great news—Lessonly can help give your training and LMS meaning and purpose!

Ready to Do Better Work with Lessonly’s enterprise training software?

Lessonly isn’t quite like SAP Litmos, Docebo, or TalentLMS. We’re not a course management system, but rather a powerfully simple online training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. Frontline teams around the world use Lessonly to build effective onboarding and ongoing training that fuels success. 

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