So What is Customer Service Strategy?

The businesses I admire most develop and value a strong customer service strategy.

Exceptional customer experiences go beyond reps simply offering support—it’s about building rapport and developing strong relationships. 78% of consumers say they’ve backed out of a transaction due to a poor service experience. We’ve all been there, so as a member of a customer service team, I’m constantly asking myself, “How can I improve customer service strategy and “wow” customers better?”

In practice…

I’ve found a few quick, topical ways to do this—I can download a customer service PDF or customer service strategy PPT from a highly regarded individual or organization. But I’ve found the best resource out there is people. Conversations with real individuals who provide really great service are what propel team training forward.

In a lot of ways, this is our Do Better Work methodology. While Better Work, at its highest level, is an idea, a mission, and a philosophy, the Better Work Training Method is a concrete framework of practical guidance that helps teams develop richer, more effective training programs. 

The Better Work Training Method is broken into six phases—Assess, Plan, Build, Learn, Practice, and Perform. Let’s briefly zoom in on each phase to see what a customer service improvement plan could look like for your team:

Assess—This is about gauging what your team needs. Talk to your teammates and look at your data to find out what training is most-needed on your team.

Plan—Determine what success looks like, and map out the training activities that will get you there.

Build—Create quickly and collaboratively. Work with your teammates to develop and maintain high-quality, useful training content.

Learn—Meet learners where they are. Push training content to your teammates—anywhere, anytime—so they are informed, aligned, and confident.

Practice—Rehearse, refine, repeat is what we say around here. Reinforce skills and information with realistic practice scenarios and deliver feedback to fuel improvement.

Perform—Do Better Work! Watch as your learning and practice initiatives lead to more genuine interactions, delighted customers, and positive outcomes.

Let’s set the stage with an example—how could you improve customer service in supermarkets using this framework?


Gather your supermarket team together and brainstorm! What training is needed? In what areas do team members need to improve and grow? 


What does success look like for your team? You’ll want them to work together, develop their own vision of success and start planning and mapping out activities to propel them there. Continue brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas for improving customer service. Figure out an “ultimate goal” and work backward through reverse engineering. Continue to develop milestones and short term goals that will serve as stepping stones to your ultimate goal. Let’s pretend that with this exercise, your supermarket team determines their goal is to increase sales through customer service by continuously training reps. After all, 86% of buyers say they have no problem paying more for great customer service. Over time, top-notch customer service creates loyal customers, and loyal customers are worth 10x more than the amount they initially spend. I’d say your team came up with a solid goal to work towards!


So, what solutions can we develop and implement to make this happen? Work with your team to develop and maintain great training content. I can think of no better tool than Lessonly to build out this training content. If you’re a client already, great! Let’s get started on creating our customer service path or lesson. If not, check out Lessonly Customer Service or find an excellent customer service pdf to share with your team!


Time for the rubber to meet the road! We’ve brainstormed, committed to several goals and milestones, and created valuable content for our supermarket to Do Better Work and increase sales through customer service. Share the content with the team and allow them to own their progress.


Allow the team to continue owning their success and development by practicing various customer service tactics and strategies. A critical component of this phase will be delivering and sharing feedback with the team. Any piece of constructive feedback should be viewed as an opportunity for improvement and a step toward helping the supermarket team as a whole meet this overall goal of boosting sales through customer service.


Game time! Watch your team start to Do Better Work and see how training and practice initiatives lead to increased sales and loyal customers because your customer service will be that much better.

Thank you for reading this article! Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of the importance of customer service strategy. My hope is this sparked some customer service campaign ideas to try out with your team. If it did, I’d love to hear from you! Reach out at and let me know what resonated with you.

Let’s Do Better Work—together

We’ve built our entire company to help teams Do Better Work. From building training quickly with our Services team, to linking performance and training with our product, Lessonly exists to help customer service teams like yours Do Better Work—every step of the way. Interested? Take a tour of Lessonly today.

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