Sharing Ownership

Joey doesn’t share food, but Lessonly people share ownership.

Sharing ownership, a feature that launched with Lessonly Roles, makes it easier for you to collaborate on your lessons and courses with others.

When you share ownership with another Manager or Creator, you are allowing them to modify, assign, and even delete your lesson or course. (By default, every lesson is automatically shared with all company Admins.)

How to Share Ownership

To share ownership of a lesson or course, follow these steps:

1. Find your desired course or lesson. In the example below, I chose Awesome Customer Service 101.


2. Then, from your selection’s Overview page, get to sharing your ownership! Just type the name of the person you want to share your lessons with.


Again, you can’t share ownership with a Learner, just other Creators and Managers, so, if your desired person isn’t showing up when you search for them, that’s probably why.

3. When you share ownership, Lessonly will send an email to the new co-owner, giving them the good news. The email will say something like this (and will show off your logo, not ours):


How to Revoke Ownership

You can revoke ownership with the click of a red X. An email will be sent to the removed person.

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