Setting a Passing Score

Update: You can now set passing scores on a per-lesson basis.

We’re excited to release a new time-saving feature today.

From now on, you can set a minimum-score threshold for your lessons. If a learner does not meet the threshold, they will automatically have the lesson reassigned to them with a 48-hour due date.

By default, the pass/fail feature is turned off. But, if you’d like to set a passing score for your lessons, this post will show you how.

Setting Your Score Threshold

First, go to the “Company Settings” tab:

Doing so will take you to the screen below:
Select the minimum score needed to pass the lesson in the “Force a retake below this percent:” field. In the example above, your learners would need to score a 70 percent or better to pass this lesson.

What if I Fail?

If your learner fails to pass your lesson, they will see this notification, and the lesson will be automatically reassigned as due in 48 hours.
The learner will not see their report card with their correct and incorrect answers until they pass the lesson.

Tip: In the future, if you decide later to turn off the pass/fail setting, just set the “Force a retake” number to 0.

We hope you enjoy! When you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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