Sample An Onboarding Checklist

When you start your onboarding experience and plan for your new employees, you may search for an onboarding checklist. You will find some great ones and some that are not so great. You may find one in Mandarin when the only the only Mandarin you know is oranges. If you settle on the first onboarding checklist you find, you may be settling.

Keep Making Rounds

Like I do in sample days at Sam’s Club, keep going around and hope they don’t recognize you. If necessary, get a disguise. You should feel comfortable going to try out a few separate onboarding checklist samples and coming back to ones you like.

Eventually, you will need to select your favorite one that you are going to base your onboarding checklist around. Choose one that you understand the basic layout of and one you think you can build onto without much hassle.

Add Your Secret Ingredients

When you select your new favorite onboarding checklist, you will likely have to make some alterations. Similar to these grocery samples, you will likely add something that you like and experiment with how it works. Whether it is my grandma’s favorite, secret addition that I spent years trying to uncover or if it’s Paula Dean’s favorite, butter, and mayonnaise.

Assuming that we’re your favorite, you may think of something we forgot. In that case, let us know in the comments or shoot us an email with your own secret herbs and spices for your onboarding program.


It is time. Your new employees or in this stretched metaphor, your dinner guests, are ready. After you think your onboarding checklist is perfect, try it out on your first round of new hires.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback after the onboarding process is complete. Similar to how you ask your dinner guests how everything was. Also similar to dinner guests, they might be overly complimentary, but you will have a few to be brutally honest. Don’t reject their feedback. You should be able to change the ingredients of the onboarding template to adapt it to the majority of your upcoming classes.

You may not ever perfect the onboarding process, similar to how I haven’t perfected my chili, but it should always be a work in progress. Changing old things and adding new things until someone says, “This is the best onboarding process I’ve ever tasted,” or something like that.

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