Sales Enablement Defined

Defining sales enablement isn’t an easy task. In fact, not everyone agrees on a single definition, and it seems to be different for every company. But, we’ll try our best and you can help us out in the comment section below until everyone is happy.

Sales Enablement Wikipedia

Like so many, we turned to the most reliable source for our definition of sales enablement, Wikipedia. Surprisingly, sales enablement doesn’t have its own page, but mobile sales enablement does. By omitting all things mobile related, the definition is helping sales representatives by providing helpful resources thus driving engagement.

Well, that’s helpful. So, sales enablement is continuing to provide amazing content to sales representatives so they can pass it along to clients. That sounds simple enough, but how would a business go about improving their sales enablement tools?

Sales Enablement Best Practices

Know Your Customer

The easiest way to improve sales enablement is to increase communication between sales and marketing. If you have people in marketing making content, make sure it is relevant to the problems sales representatives are seeing. If your content is focused on marble manufacturing, it might be interesting, but it might not be helping any of your customers.

By knowing your customer, you can help solve the problems faced by your current customers and prospects.

Add to the Toolshed

Some companies look to sales enablement companies to help them with the organization or management of sales. Depending on the tool your company chooses, you could more easily create content and CTA’s, or even repurpose your already-existing content in new ways.

Outsourcing may be able to help your company, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of any system before implementation.


Some tools will even help you maintain the relationship you have with a customer. It will let you organize what customers are looking for what so you can keep them coming back to your company for advice.

It’s not enough anymore to just send a document to a customer and disappear from the picture. Your prospects want help, and you need to be the one to volunteer. Solving the problems of your prospects shows your expertise as well as your willingness to serve.

Sales Enablement Software

You may find that you don’t need a CRM or a content repurposing tool, but rather a sales enablement training software. The best thing for your sales members may be to ensure your employees are educated about your product, service, or how your customers are using your software.

If your sales representatives are experts of their product as well as your prospects’ industries, your sales funnel will seem closer to a firehose.

Sales enablement is difficult to define solely because it has so many parts, and so many different paths your business can take. But, what it boils down to is taking the path you believe will generate the most leads for your company. No decision is necessarily wrong, but some may be more right than others.

If you are interested in getting your sales enablement training off the ground, start here.

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