Revolutionizing the Workforce

Rob is an avid carpenter. A tried-and-true, ‘do-it-yourself” guru, he enjoys painting, building furniture, and generally being handy. After dabbling in different freelance projects over the years, Rob decides to quit his day job and become a full-time contractor. He also stumbles across a company that matches his skills with local residents who need his services. The company also provides robust training opportunities for Rob to develop and grow his skills so he can become the best craftsman possible.

Lessonly customers across the globe—just like this one—provide engaging growth opportunities for people like Rob. Whether learners are contractors, part-time staff, or full-time team members, forward-thinking businesses want to empower their people with new skills and information they need to succeed. Providing engaging learning quickly at scale is no easy feat—that’s why they rely on Lessonly.

Providing an opportunity to learn

Rob’s new company needed a way to easily disseminate information to the rapidly growing team and wanted to offer them optional learning opportunities. For a long time, they relied on in-person gatherings—but it became clear that this method would not be scalable as the business continued to expand to new markets.

Now, when a new team member starts working with the company, they are offered an online session that suggests helpful tips for how to find and select potential jobs, confirm details with clients, and submit invoices. Lessonly makes it easy for the team to complete sessions like these anywhere—whether on the road through a mobile device or in the comfort of their home. Similarly, they no longer have to wait for a certain session, the lessons are available anytime. As a result, team members have saved thousands of hours that can now be spent building the business and helping clients.

Perfecting skills through practice

Teams like Rob’s use Lessonly for more than just introductory lessons. Every person has access to the learning library—which contains lessons created by other team members to share best practices and other helpful knowledge. This democratized approach to creating a learning culture means that companies offer specific resources to their teams—taught by other subject-matter experts. In Rob’s case, the opportunity to learn about drywalling tips to understand the nuances of electrical wiring—taught by other pros—expand his skill set and maximizes his value.

Rob’s company regularly surveys team members to find out what skills or tasks they’d like more information about. Once they identify new topics and subject matter experts to share their knowledge, there’s no limit to the amount of content they can build. This form of content creation is highly scalable—and so is distributing it with Lessonly. It offers team members like Rob a flexible and self-driven opportunity to practice skills that are highly beneficial to their careers at their own pace.

Delivering top-notch service

High-quality service and an outstanding experience are often top-of-mind for a high-performing, modern business. They want to ensure that their clients get the very best service from their team. In Rob’s case, there’s a lot of autonomy as an independent contractor, and his work reflects on the larger company. Lessonly encourages consistency across the thousands of different contractors across the country by delivering key information and customer service tips. This helps his company rest assured that great service is being delivered to every client. Other companies like U.S. Cellular use Lessonly for this same purpose across thousands of users—decreasing inconsistency and poor service.

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Lessonly is a powerful tool for team empowerment. While Rob’s team provides optional development opportunities, their 300+ pieces of content have helped thousands of team members do better work. It’s been such a success for the team that other departments have started using our platform for internal training, enablement, and more. Lessonly is helping companies across the globe revolutionize the way people learn and work—and we’re proud to be a partner in that mission.

Do better work with Lessonly

With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into engaging training, empower their employees, and accelerate high-performance. Read more about how world-class customers use Lessonly to learn, practice, and perform. Or, take a tour to see how your team can start doing better work today.

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