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Reviewing Your New Hire Checklist Template

You hire a new employee to join your team. This hire has huge potential. After a few months on the job though you find that the recent hire is not meeting your expectations. Why is the impressive individual not being as efficient as you hoped?

It can take a year or longer for most new employees to be working at full capacity. About two-thirds of companies acknowledge that they set no milestones or goals for their new hires.

To increase productivity in their first year, employees need to feel engaged from the very start. A new hire checklist template is critical for helping new team members.

Here are a few examples of key checklist items for the first week to make sure your employee is informed and engaged:


Make your new employee feel like a part of the team from the start. Give the employee an office tour–otherwise, your new employees could end up lost in your maze of an office. Show the employee where everything is in the office and let the co-workers welcome their new teammate. Consider having a few team-building exercises or training activities.

Company Overview, Policies, and Procedures

Go over the mission, vision, and company goals. This will allow new hires to understand the brand of your company. Your employee should be able to tell everyone they encounter what your company does and what it is striving to become. If they don’t know what the goals are, how are they going to brag to their friends and family about their new position?

Training and Development

Communicate with the hire a timeline of the training process. Make sure to cover training areas such as customer service, sales, software, and leadership training. Set timeline goals for completing your training. With a new hire checklist, you don’t have to try to keep up with multiple classes at once, you can rely on spreadsheets to be your guide.


Create logins to any technology platforms and email addresses your employee needs access to. Employees should have the necessary materials they need like computers and software installments. If you have a series of Chrome plugins, have a lesson outlining them and say why you use them and what to use them for.

Job Overview & Compensation

Set expectations and a performance plan for your new hire. Establish clear goals and objectives for the employee to meet. Your new employee likely understands their individual task and compensation, but it doesn’t hurt to outline their role in the grand scheme of the company.

Following a new hire checklist will allow your employees to meet their full potential in the company. Take a look at our new employee checklist builder resource to customize your own template. Meet your full potential—create a new hire checklist.

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