Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Training

Many of us understand the potential impact of climate change, but we may overlook the office climate. Continuing to use the same old training process can be a drain on your employees. Your employees will lose the excitement they had when they walked through the door when they start up “Ye Olde LMS” to start their training. Abandoning the training you already have set up is ridiculous, though. We’ll figure out something to do with that training that isn’t harmful, wasteful, or destructive.

Let’s repurpose the office learning the same way we repurpose our recyclable products using the Three-R’s.


Don’t reduce your training. Instead reduce the time it takes to build a lesson, and the time it takes your employees to understand them. We’re passed the days of classroom based training where a manager presents PowerPoints on what the company stands for. If your training process is still PowerPoint, teach your employees over a tile floor; chances are one of them will drool when he inevitably falls asleep.

Along with reducing the time it takes to build a lesson, e-learning will get your employees up to speed faster. Modcloth is saving 4 hours per employee. You don’t need to keep your new employees tucked away in the backroom with e-learning. They can take lessons when they want, where they want, and at their own pace. Get your employees out of their probationary period faster and reduce the struggle for both of you.


You don’t need to create a new lesson for every new class in a 3-month timespan. If operations have not changed, keep the lessons. Assign them to the new class. Keep a lesson about your culture to remind yourself where you started and what you wanted to be. Teaching every new hire about your culture and ensuring a proper fit in the recruiting process, avoids climate change.

There is also creative reuse, where you can take used products and update them. To apply this to e-learning, make a few pop culture references to give some comic relief to lessons and keep them timely. Your new millennial sales class might not remember Neil Patrick Harris as Doogie Howser. If you need consulting on pop culture references, we’re here for you.


The process of recycling is taking what used to be something else and turning it into something new, whether it’s plastic bottles into fleece, newspapers into pencils, or Crocs into literally anything else.

Apply the recycling process to your e-learning program; take your old lessons and turn them into something new. Turn your old modules into a fun lesson. The difference is in the pieces. To reuse old modules, you might have to break it down into the tiniest of segments. Just pull the content and abandon the structure. This is when having a knowledge management system to store company tribal knowledge is a huge time-saver.

Applying the Three-R’s for their original purpose can help save the earthly environment. Repurposing the Three-R’s for your e-learning can save the office environment. Your office environment could be in danger. Get started saving your office climate here.

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