Keep Your Real Estate Agents Consistent with an Employee Training Manual Template

Keep Your Real Estate Agents Consistent with an Employee Training Manual Template

When it comes time to sell your or your family’s house, it seems like everyone knows a real estate agent. They start showing up in more places than you’d ever expect, all wanting to help move the house sale along. In such an agent-focused industry, the need for consistency across entire companies is surprisingly lacking. Creating an employee training manual template can do wonders for reigning in maverick agents who will do anything to get the sale. We’ve suggested topics for a training manual template to help your agents close more deals.

Company Handbook Template

If you’re asking, how to create a training manual template, start with your company. Even as a diverse set of agents, an employee handbook sample could be incredibly useful for explaining how your business came to be where it is today. The effect of this handbook is two-fold. One, rules and guidelines for employee behavior and guidelines are laid out for every real estate agent, and two; it forces managers and stakeholders to really hone in on what values and efforts make up the company. Creating a simple employee handbook sample for your different levels of leadership starting at agents and going up to executive officers, allows for consistency on every level.

Employee Onboarding Template

As the company grows, new employees will have to be brought on. Luckily, you’ll have created an employee onboarding template that spells out what new hires have to know to function within your company. With a software like Lessonly, creating a sample training manual for new employees is as easy as writing an email. We like to add in a few funny GIFs, photos, and maybe some videos to make new people feel welcome in their work environment. In an industry that gives employees as much autonomy as real estate, setting rules and guidelines with an onboarding template is best done early on. Start good habits early and you won’t have to worry about them down the road.

Sales Training Manual Template

At its very core, real estate is about sales. Just one, very large sale. Creating a sales template to be handed out to your agents is a great way to ensure that your sales skills are distributed evenly. Making these training materials into templates is suggested for the variety of variables that agents can face in just one region or city. Some agents might need to know more about flood insurance instead of solar energy credits. The biggest takeaway is that real estate agents need to feel like an expert in their topics. Covering the basic sales training techniques while leaving flexibility for specific questions saves time and effort for managers while providing deeper information.

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