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Pros of Building A Training Manual Template

Two years ago, a friend and I made a pact to run a half-marathon together. My friend was a long distance, cross-country-loving athlete and I had made a mistake. Running 13.1 miles was something she had done on numerous occasions.

In order to prepare myself for the half-marathon, I knew the key would be proper training. I went online and found a pre-made half-marathon training program. I adjusted the plan to fit my schedule, then I was off to running mile after mile. The training was challenging, but in the end, I accomplished my goal of running the 13.1 miles. I could not have done it if it was not for the training program that kept me on track to meet my goals.

Training is difficult and challenging. Having a training manual is the best way to stay organized and on pace to achieve goals. Here at Lessonly, we love helping people achieve their goals through providing them with resources. We have created a free training manual template to help you help others reach their goals.

Here are benefits a training manual can offer to your company:


A standardized training plan helps new employees jump onboard more quickly. The training plan guarantees that employees are getting trained on the same information. You will know what information needs to be given to the employee and the process of giving the information. Like the running training plan helped me stay up to speed with my experienced running, employee training plans will help speed up the onboarding process for your new hire. New hire productivity is 54 percent higher in organizations with a standard onboarding process.

When a standard training program is established, you can feel confident that any replacements or additional trainers will be able to follow your footsteps. You will not have to waste time gathering materials. You will have all the training information already gathered together.


Do not waste your time or your employees’. Going in with a set plan will maximize productivity by minimizing the amount of wasted time. Training does not have to be a scattered process of information thrown at employees but can be organized and logical. Plans bring information together so you aren’t frantically trying to pull informational resources from all directions.

Knowing which steps follow after each other will help save you time and effort. When I was running, I didn’t go to the gym guessing what workout I wanted to do for that day. I didn’t waste time deciding what I wanted to do but knew exactly what my workout was for the day.

Save yourself

Save your time! Do not waste energy redoing each training plan. Invest the time upfront in creating a well-done training plan. Then after each training period, spend time tweaking and improving the training manual. This will save you time by not trying to redo a training plan for each group of new hires you bring on. When running, I found a plan and tweaked it for my weekly schedule. I didn’t reinvent a plan each week.

Help your employees finish their race. Get them on a training plan to see great success and reach their goals!

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