Products Change Over Time, Communicate Well with Jenny and Jeremy

Here comes part 3 of our multi-part series featuring a discussion I had with Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin of and on their “Coffee and Customer Service” Google Hangout On Air segment. Check out the whole chat here.


I like this one, it’s about customer feedback:

Our product is constantly changing, based on customer feedback – which is awesome – what ways have we seen to be the most successful in communicating product or service changes to customers?

Obviously, it goes right back to notifications. We’re starting to do this program are you webinars for customers and that’s a great, another way to communicate changes to them and to help them understand it. What else do we do?


Is that a public webinar? Or are all of your customers invited to it?


All of our customers are invited to it. We send the email and they can sign up.

We focus on the different learning styles, like some people really dig webinars and some people totally don’t, they’d rather just read an email or they’d rather just go to the website when they need it or they’d rather click on the question mark in the control panel.

We try to keep as many options there as we can and then sometimes, that’s so hard because one thing will change and no one will know and then, all of the sudden, it’s like, oh there’s changes and I’ll learn them. So, it’s unpredictable sometimes, but listening to that feedback and making those changes – that’s important and just keeping the communication lines open to every different type of audience that you can. Everyone’s a different learner and learning style.

Jeremy, what are some other ways that we share that information with our customers?


You definitely hit notifications like email, the one thing I’d add about the webinars that we’re finding – and part of it is really an emphasis on training our customers – we’ve found real value in our newer customers really want to learn about our product and webinars are a great source for that.

We used to do pre-sales webinars and would get five to ten people and now we’re doing these after they sign up and telling them about the product and we’re getting like a hundred people.


Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s crazy, so you’re saying people you are maybe in a free trial-type phase or they’re in a proposal phase, those people are coming to those webinars?


Yeah, they’re really eager to learn how to use the service better.

And then, we archive – because we can talk about the whole service in one webinar – we archive it as well.

The other thing I was going throw in there is that social media just continues to grow. I think Facebook primarily – right now, we definitely, when we release something new or want to notify our customers of something – there is definitely a good following of people on Facebook the are watching those and appreciate being notified there.


How about you guys, Mitch?

Yeah, I think we kind of do similar things, I guarantee we’re going to start doing webinars now, I think that’s a great idea.

We also make sure that we always have a blog post for every new feature that we update as well. So, obviously, me as our marketing person, I love it. Our customer experience guy actually wrote one for us for today that was fantastic, so that’s great, you know, content for both sides – for customer experience and marketing.

// coughing attack

So, we always do a blog post, then make sure we tweet out that post and then send out an email notification that has a link to that blog post as well. So, that process has seemed to go well, but yeah, like you said, I think that’s a great perspective try to focus on the fact that people do learn in different ways and we should probably have a different piece for each of those ways, I think that’s really good.


Yeah, a blog is terrific hub for it for sure.


Yeah, do you guys write blog posts for it as well?


Yeah, definitely, pretty much any new feature we’ll write a blog post and that’s usually what we’ll end up putting on social media.

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