Prepare your staff for Black Friday shoppers with Training Software

When you’re swaddled in warm-weather gear and lined up in the frosty predawn with Grandma Jeanne, Black Friday has a certain adventurous flair. When you have to face Black Friday as a retailer, however, it can feel more like the Inquisition, especially if your staff isn’t well-trained to receive the rushing onslaught.

Don’t let this be you. Instead, try these five helpful tips to prepare your staff. With training software to quickly and comprehensively education them, the weekend shopping extravaganza is bound to go more smoothly.

1. Make training short and sweet

When customers are on the hunt for the year’s greatest bargains, they don’t care about your company’s storied past, famous executives, or game-changing moments in history. They care about products and merchandise, so why waste time training employees on anything else? Keep trainings short and to the point to increase the chances of memory retention.

2. Maintain a sense of unity

Even if your employees are widely dispersed, you can still foster a team environment that emphasizes important training techniques. Try these team-building techniques to maintain a consistent tone and set of expectations to increase the effectiveness of your training.

3. Emphasize the customer experience

Customers often come to you during the Black Friday rush already knowing what they want. If they don’t find it, or don’t receive knowledgeable service instructing them how to use it, they may be disappointed. Make sure your employees know how to use each featured “doorbuster” product as well as your POS systems expertly. Effectively training your staff gives them both the know-how and the confidence to respond to customer requests quickly, efficiently, and enthusiastically, and provides shoppers with the experience they will be looking for.

4. Give staff the ongoing option to train

Continuing education is a value shared by many companies, but frequently it’s poorly implemented. Often staff training falls by the wayside in favor of more immediate needs, but if you give your employees the ongoing option to train, this is less likely to happen. Set up training software well ahead of the holiday deadline and you’ll be fine.

5. Prepare for cyber Monday’s communications onslaught

Savvy Cyber Monday shoppers will expect to be able to communicate with you pronto via email and social media the Monday after Thanksgiving. When people are looking to buy, they’re usually looking to buy now, especially in a time-sensitive situation where merchandise is limited and sales don’t last. Train your employees to respond quickly and effectively to customer queries so you keep business and leave a lasting impression.

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