How Premiere Response Uses Learning Paths

Providing high-quality customer support for some of the nation’s biggest brands is no small task. It requires accuracy, confidence, and the ability to manage constant change across many clients and products. Premiere Response does all this—and more—with Lessonly.
As one of the nation’s leading third-party contact centers, Premiere Response’s unique scale and experience in customer support made them the perfect partner for our newest feature, Learning Paths. With ever-changing client campaigns, sophisticated training needs, and busy managers, Premiere Response had plenty of ways to use Paths in their training. Just ask Jason Aydelott, Manager of Training and People Development, to hear how Paths empowers their team to do better work.

The power of Learning Paths

“We have used Paths with our frontline call center representatives…mostly for reinforcement training. The added scheduling flexibility provides more options in design and deployment of training. It fits in perfectly with our strategy of using content objects (small discrete pieces of training).”

Paths enables teams to design entire learning journeys, prompting employees with certain lessons at certain times. Providing employees with learning content over time, drip by drip, allows for continuous reinforcement of important skills and information. This creates flexibility and ease for learners and content creators alike:

“The ability to set specific intervals between lessons allows us to schedule and send out training at a rhythm that fits the needs of the learner. It also makes it easier to balance the needs of the business with a “just in time” learning philosophy. Managers love the ability to “fire and forget” follow-up training. They just assign a single path and know that their agents will get all of the training at the right time.”

Responding to changing demands with Paths

Jason and the Premiere Response team used Paths to drive a new product launch for one of their clients. Traditionally, the client provides instructor-led training and an overview on how to handle each type of call. This training usually happens about one week before the product goes to market. There’s only one problem—it’s hard to remember all the details a few weeks later when calls start rolling in. Jason notes,

“Because of the Lessonly’s rapid development workflow, it was easy for me to build a quiz and get a baseline of what knowledge the agents retained from training—and what key points they may have missed.”

Jason needed to address those knowledge gaps—and this is where Learning Paths proved game-changing. He started with four placeholders, separated by wait steps. Using Learning Paths like a training storyboard, Jason took the information he learned from the quiz in Step 1, and developed a Product Overview in Step 2 that addressed gaps in knowledge. Just a few days later, every representative had completed the Path and, just in time, the calls started to roll in.

“The representatives reported feeling more confident in taking calls than in previous launches, and had fewer questions and escalations. With Paths, Lessonly has become an invaluable tool for the spaced repetition critical in reinforcing skills and behaviors.”

This product launch was just the tip of the iceberg for Learning Paths at Premiere Response. Their team is employing Paths across the business, from new hire onboarding to follow-up training with existing reps. Jason is also using Lessonly to build out leadership training, and Paths is the perfect tool to deliver lessons at the pace of the learner, rather than overwhelming employees with countless unfinished lessons.
Premiere Response has seen an immediate impact with Learning Paths—reps are getting up to speed more efficiently and feel less overwhelmed. Even when Jason’s team encounters big changes with quick turnaround times, Paths prepares reps to accurately and confidently deliver a great customer experience. In addition it’s never been easier for Jason to design and distribute effective training content:

“By allowing me to design a Path with placeholders, Lessonly has evolved from being a great rapid e-learning development and deployment platform into being an integral part of my end-to-end development process.”

Get started with Paths

Jason’s use of placeholders and wait steps in Paths as a storyboard for training inspired us. With his help and expertise, we’re creating a few guides for our customers to use when building their own Paths. If you’re looking for training ideas or inspiration, these guides will guide you as you put Paths to work with your own team. These guides will be freely available to all Lessonly customers via our resource Lessonly University. Stay tuned for more information on this front.

Want to hear more about Learning Paths or Lessonly? Take a tour or reach out to us. We’d be happy to chat and show you how our platform can transform your team’s training.

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