Why Practicing Strengths, Not Weaknesses, Is The Secret To Winning

We win because our strengths are overwhelming. The best thing I can do is get my partner to play well.”  —Rajeev Ram | Pro Tennis Player + Olympian

Friends, we have arrived. It’s here. For real. Episode 1. Who’s excited?

In this season of Practice First, we’re learning from Olympians, chefs, sommeliers, and more about what it means to hone our skills at the office. Regardless of your role, rank, or position, practice is for you. If you want to listen to the trailer and read a bit more about why we created a podcast, check out this blog post by Ben, one of the hosts of the show.

Okay, so without further adieu, meet Rajeev Ram. He’s Practice First’s first-ever guest. Rajeev is a professional tennis player, and his specialty is doubles. And team, he’s really good. Like “won an Olympic medal, won the 2019 Australian Open mixed-doubles championship, and won the 2020 Australian Open men’s doubles championship” good.

Success like Rajeev’s doesn’t come without thousands of hours of intentional, thoughtful practice. That’s why our hosts, Ben and Conner, interviewed him and discovered a handful of his secrets.

He dropped practice knowledge about…

👯 Shifting from singles to doubles and how he learned to practice with a partner

🧠 Honing the mental aspects of practice

💬 Learning the importance of verbal communication and encouragement to winning

🏆 How focusing on strengths has led him and his partners to victory


You can learn more about Rajeev and his charitable work to make tennis more accessible to kids at https://entourajforkids.org or follow him on Twitter

We can’t think of a better way to end than with a video of Rajeev doing what he does best. Check out the moment when he and his partner, Barbora Krejčíková, won the Australian Open last year.

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