Performance Evaluations As Told By Puppies

Performance evaluation time is here. Woohoo! This is your time as a manager to invest into your employees. Let them know how awesome you think that they are. The proper word choice helps employees see their potential, push themselves to grow, and meet their goals. Effective work choice is what will motivate your employees.

Don’t just say the typical “good work” or “keep it up” but use power words to really motivate and encourage your employees. We wanted to share with you some effective and powerful words to use during evaluations.

Let these puppies show you how power words will polish your performance evaluations!

Hard work


Accuracy, thoroughness, productivity, and goal oriented are excellent words to compliment your employee on their hard work. Telling them how great they are doing, will make them that much more excited to keep working hard.



Teamwork, cooperation, listening, collaboration, and delegating are effective teamwork phrases. Communicate with your employees that you appreciate their teamwork. The best companies have the best teamwork.

Creative thinking


Innovation, receptiveness, problem solving, and originality are words to use for your creative thinkers. Show your appreciation for your creative thinkers because creativity breeds innovation. Get your employees thinking how can we challenge normal uses be unconventional.



Dedication, loyalty, reliability, flexibility, and volunteering recognize that you see your employee has a great attitude. Attitudes drastically affect work atmosphere. Encouraging a positive attitude will create for a fun work environment to be part of.

Job knowledge


Knowledge base, training, mentoring, advanced modeling, and researching recognize employees with strong skills. Show your appreciation for your employees who are specialized in specific technical skills. Recognize how their expertise grows the company.

Self-development and growth


Learning, education, advancement, skill-building, and career planning are words to use with your employees who love to learn. Encourage their eagerness to learn. Ask them what resources you can give them to keep them growing.



Diversity, sustainability, honesty, integrity, and fairness are all words that recognize ethics. Reward employees who are treating others fairly in the workplace. Companies need employees who are ethical.



Consistent, dependable, constant, and trusting are words to use with the employees that you can always count on. Recognize that you appreciate their dedication. Your company needs people who can be true to their word who you know that you can trust.

Learn about more about employee performance evaluations here. Use your words effectively to recognize and inspire your employees.

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