Have a Peer-to-Peer Office Talent Show

If talented people have one thing in common, it is that they want to show off their talent. In any given office, there are plenty of talented and skilled individuals, so encourage employees to showcase their office talents.

Peer-to-peer training is an effective strategy that teaches other employees useful skills in an engaging way. For a fun way to implement peer-to-peer training, pick an afternoon and put together an office talent show that is a perfect way for talented employees to showcase some of their unique skills and talents. In the process, this allows other employees to learn from their skill sets. Pick a few people from the office to showcase their skills, and your team will reap some great benefits.

Office success becomes a team-oriented endeavor

By putting together a talent show training session during a weekday afternoon, employees will understand that office success and training programs are team-oriented in nature. In some office environments, employees compete with each other in unhealthy ways, gauging their own success through what other peers are doing. With this training approach, employees understand that the workplace is collaborative in nature, and employees are subtly encouraged to share and celebrate their skills and the skills and knowledge of other employees. Naturally, this approach encourages skill transfers from senior employees while also building office teams in the process.

Novel approaches to team training makes training memorable and effective

Successful team training depends on employees retaining and implementing the training that they receive. Taking a novel approach like having a talent show training session makes the training memorable, increasing the odds that employees will retain what they heard and learned. In this way, employee effectiveness increases, producing more productive, efficient and reliable employees. Best of all, other employees were used to produce the effective training, making it a cheap and effective way to train employees.

Showcasing employee talent enhances employee aspirations

Additionally, showcasing employee talent with a talent show will give employees something to aspire to. Since this approach recognizes and rewards the talent and skills of employees, the workplace promotes an atmosphere that makes employees want to share what they have learned. By sharing their skills and knowledge, they will receive deserved recognition for their excellence while helping other employees reach a similar skill level. As such, personal excellence is rewarded within a team-building environment, making this peer-to-peer approach an ideal training atmosphere for employees and management alike.

Plan your peer-to-peer talent show here.

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