Own Your Development with Training Authoring Software

Have you ever wanted to advance in your career but not really known how to make it happen? Have you ever asked your boss what you need to do to be considered the top candidate for an upcoming promotion, only to be given an explanation that’s too abstract or immeasurable to know what to actually do? If so, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. It’s hard.

As a naturally goal-oriented person, I’ve struggled with being told that in order to advance, I needed to “demonstrate mastery” of my role. This phrase often leaves us with more questions than answers. How do you measure that? What criteria are we being assessed on that’ll delineate between successful execution vs. mastery? How can we prove that we kick ass at our jobs?

I found so many answers to these questions by using a powerful training authoring software. I know, it sounds crazy. But truly, building training with software is a gold mine for owning your own professional development. Keep reading for why I believe this.

Who’s teaching who?

“Those who can’t do, teach.” Heard this before? When looking at professional development, this common adage is grossly misguided. If I’m unable to do a task or fulfill an expectation of my role successfully, how could I possible teach someone else to do it? While there are many types of e learning tools, a training authoring software allows managers and peers to not only enable one another with training to excel, but to also grow personally along the way.

Creating training for your team with authoring software  is a development opportunity for you—it’s a fantastic way to demonstrate valuable skills to your higher ups. Navigating through the nuances of a skill or process is an exercise in assessment and strategic thinking. Developing an explanation of a skill or process—the “how” and “why”—for a new team member requires a deeper level of understanding. It affords you the opportunity to ask strategic questions. What’s working? What could we be doing better? Where do I need to deepen my understanding to effectively communicate this topic in its entirety?

Build It

Once you have a more thorough understanding of a process or skill, it is time to create the training. You don’t necessarily need the best elearning software—lots of free elearning content have free elearning authoring tools. Whether you teach one step at a time, through a video, or with some other type of digital media, this is your chance to showcase your communication and creativity. After building out your first draft, share that training with a peer. Ask them to take the lesson you built and let you know what they liked and what they didn’t. These feedback conversations make the training better and grow your skills in collaboration—talk about a win-win! 

The more you share what you’re working on, the more likely you’re teaching a peer how to use one of the content authoring tools, too. And that’s cool.

Circle Back

Let’s circle back to our original objective—your own development and growth. By leveraging an e-learning software, you have developed your own mastery of a certain process or skill, demonstrated strategic thinking, communication, collaboration, participated in feedback conversations, and shown the initiative to upskill yourself and your team. 

Next time you’re looking for that growth opportunity, find out if your team uses a training authoring software. If they don’t, look into it, even if you’re limited to free e-learning software to start. Showcase your capabilities and have your boss saying “those who can, teach better.” Support your team in Doing Better Work. Get that promotion. Take ownership of your development, and you’ll never stall out. 

Own your development. Build training. Get promoted. Do it with Lessonly.

Our mission is to help people Do Better Work so they can live better lives. Lessonly helps hundreds of teams do just this with our training authoring software and customized learning paths. With great onboarding, continuous training, and employee engagement, teams can’t help but thrive. Lessonly could be your team’s secret weapon. Take a tour today.

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